Friday, September 22, 2006

My Last Drop of Sweat

Ever since I handed in my notice, I thought maybe my work will be reduced bit by bit. How wrong was I? Nothing was taken off me but I feel more is dumped on. And I keep thinking... why do I care so much? I'm leaving...

I had a drink with Vic the porter yesterday. I owe him a few pints for the loads of last minute jobs that he did for me. He was saying how unfriendly the place has become and he's been there for 18 years compared to my 1 year and 10 months... but I know what he is saying. Even I noticed what a difference this last year has been.

He was saying that I should be putting my feet up now and the jobs should be taken of me now... Not a chance Vic... and he knows.

This is how I do business with Vic. He is English and things are discussed in the pub. I know I've been hassling him with loads of jobs and by meeting him and socialising with him, I'm showing him that I appreciate the things that he's done. And he knows I had a few more jobs and that was why I was down.

I think that's what I noticed lately... when people get a bit of power, they forget the people around them. They tend to socialise with only the people who will get them ahead and give them more power...

I'm not friends with Vic... but a smile, a chat, an acknowledgment of existance gives you a lot of respect.

He's always there hands on with the other porters. He supervises them and always know whats going on as he is there hands on. When I asked for a big job of moving chairs and tables in one of the lecture theatre... he respected me because I stayed late with them and together worked with them and instruct them and try to find solutions with them.

A supervisor is not just there telling the people they supervise to do work, taking the credit and pointing the blame. They are there to advise and make decisions and shoulder the blame and give credit where it's due. They are team players and take an interest in the people they supervise and their work and workload.

I think I've learnt a lot about that now. A lot on how things are not to be done by just observing.

Next week, they are hiring a temp to cover my work. I say good luck to the person. And I'm expected to train the temp. I think it's outrages to dump this bit of work on me as I'm not the supervisor... and I'm leaving... and I really don't care.

I have 5 more working days and I still have exams and room moves to organise. It's up to the manager and the supervisor to figure out how to train the temp as I don't have any time.

Today I organised a lunch time drink... and I know the people who made the effort and made an effort to arrange another drink where they couldn't make it today to a day next week. All of us were busy, but a majority of us made an effort... I even managed to drag MW out. Trust me that's an achievment.

Anyway... how easy is it for people to change. Maybe a bunch of us could not contribute to you advancing in your ambition to maybe manage the department one day, but we are the people that you depend on. And I know a lot of people are not feeling any respect... and losing respect towards others.

So I'm leaving. I'm leaving with respect from the people that matters.


Anonymous S_D said...

well i guess now that they are fully aware you're going, you'll have tonnes more work to do, as the replacement might not fully cope with it all.


take a poo in your top drawer and tell your boss u left him a farewell pressie in your desk

9/23/2006 11:31:00 am  
Blogger yati said...

that's how i feel too

but... i don't think i'll be following your advise on the poo thing! might hire you to do it instead *wink*

oh... not he but she

9/24/2006 01:54:00 pm  

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