Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Headache From a Mangosteen

I was doing the usual of reading the Metro (free morning paper) on the tube to work where I came upon a picture of some mangosteens under their 'Good things to eat and drink' section. I didn't really read the whole thing. I just like to look through the paper quickly and try not to absorb any bad news.

But, I did read the bit where it said 'The nation has always absorbed eclectic morsels. Queen Victoria offered a reward to anyone who could bring her the mangosteen (known for its orangey sourness) from Malaysia'.

Aaaaaahhhh... mangosteen. I don't remember it being sour... OH SH*T!!! I DON'T REMEMBER WHAT IT'S CALLED IN MALAY!!!

Then I start working my brains out to remember it! I know I've been away for 15 years but that is not an excuse to forget your mother tongue! It's like a couple of years back when I forgot watermelon was called tembikai!

That was when the headache starts... you know... when you try to remember something so hard and it just makes it worse.

I was thinking... it can't be too much of a difference in sound. Durian is called durian in almost every country... so is rambutan... pelam which is also mangga is known as mango... come on! WHAT IS MANGOSTEEN??!!

Maybe if I think in Malay, I'll be able to remember it! Which made me think... when did I start to think in English?

Oh heck... I'll just go to the next article and try to forget about it... even though the headache is going to last the whole day now!

So... looking through the other pages in the paper... two stops later! the word came to my head... MANGGIS!

I can relax now *grin*


Anonymous aycookie said...

i live in mesia.ayu pon lupe ape name die...ayu ingatkan mangga!huehue

9/12/2006 11:36:00 am  
Blogger yati said...

ceh budak ni! tulah... tak suka makan buah, nama buah pun lupa eh? tah apa-apa le

9/13/2006 07:56:00 am  

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