Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Watch Out Peter!! There's the Wolf!

I was typing my previous post as Jules was playing his records in the background. Then he put a record on and I just had to stop... smile and can't help but let the happy feeling spread in me.

I wasn't really paying attention when he was mixing his records at first... of course he was spot on with each mixing... then I started hearing someone talking in the background to the music. I was thinking 'Did he put the TV on at the same time? Oh... Don't be silly!'

That's when suddenly it hit my head! He's playing Peter and the Wolf!!!

And I got my coffee... sat on the bean bag... and felt like a child again. When I heard the oboe I screamed 'That's the duck!' while Jules start making quack sounds and when I heard the clarinet... 'The cat's coming!'

I love it!!

Then Jules had to mouth some breaks into it... though sounds good... kind of spoiled the magic.

But then... the sound of the drums for the Wolf was just too good!

Not a bad buy from the charity shop down the road...

It's funny though... I can't seem to find anything about Richard Baker who was the narrator of Peter and The Wolf. I wonder who he is and if he is still alive. Anybody knows?


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