Wednesday, August 16, 2006

As If I Need Any Confirmation

I looked at my hotmail this morning and there was an e-mail from JL. He is so sweet and he's helping me with my CV, and his e-mail was so nice that I had second thoughts about my plan.

Then I saw a few people at work and I started to have doubts...

Until something happened... and I thought, OK... so, I made some mistakes... I didn't realise it was going to be put down in black and white what I said... that was my major mistake! Saying things out in the open. It's a bigger mistake compared to what was suppose to be my mistakes in their eyes, as when it was shown to me in black and white, I was taken by surprise and decide it's not worth it and I'm tired of defending... all I want now is to mend.

I'm not going to mention what happened as I don't really want to use this blog for negative vibes anymore. I have to take control of things and start stepping with a more positive outlook.

I took what ever in and made an effort to correct things. All I know is I don't want people to have a bad impression of me as that's not what I want to be remembered as, because I've done lots of that in the past. Usually I just walk out and forget about things... basically, runaway. People get the wrong impression of me when I do that... but I didn't care. In a way it was a good indication of who judged me and who didn't...

But that's not how I want to be any more. I'm going to make it right so that my plan will be fulfilled in the right way.

And now that the decision has been taken and the plan is slowly emerging and progressing... I don't see why I can't mend and rise above everything and come out better than anyone else.


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