Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Woman Has Her Reason

I do apologise for the rant yesterday. I had a bad day... and I think girls would understand this more because most of us girls do suffer it every month; it is the dreaded PMT!

But I have to admit that it hasn't been as bad as it was since I changed the baby stopper medication! You should ask Jules about my PMTs when I was on the old baby stopper medication! I would cry for no reason, I start an argument with him even when I had no reason to argue, I'd be angry with the whole world and blame it on him...

Yesterday's rant is nothing compared what I went through before. I was pretty subdued. If you think that I was screaming my head off yesterday... well... you ain't seen nothing yet!

Actually... if I was on the old baby stopper... that won't even be on my blog because I'll be busy crying somewhere and causing an argument with Jules even when he's in agreement with me!

Instead, I had my rant on my blog and on Seb... went home... read my book and ordered pizza! The rant was forgotten and Jules didn't even feel a nudge from my PMT... OK... he might have felt a nudge but not a total WHACK!

Don't get me wrong. All that I said yesterday is still applicable... and I still want to leave my job. So there!

Had a meeting before... didn't do any doodling that I usually do during this type of meetings... I think I have a few doodles somewhere from my previous meetings... I'll try to find them and put it up later...

Oh... and it rained!! Afters days of temprature soaring above 30C... it rained!! I love the smell of rain!!

And I might be going to Amsterdam to see my friend Nina and baby Milla!!

Life is good!!

And there are a lot of jobs going out there... and one of them will be mine and it will be my dream job! Bed tester will be one of them!


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