Friday, July 28, 2006

Nina... Milla... Belalang

I've known Nina ever since I came to this country. She knows that for me, simple things makes me happy. So, when she had time to spare, she invited me to go to Amsterdam to just hang out and watch old Malaysian P Ramlee movies!

The plan was that I go to Amsterdam on my own and we have some girlie days together! But Amsterdam is one place that Jules will not let me go alone. If Nina was anywhere else in the world he would have just let me go alone... but since it's Amsterdam, there's no way that we'll ever have our girlie days!!

But we did decide to try to have at least have one day of just us girls!

I went to Nina's last Monday.

After a bit of lunch and a bit of a chit chat and letting Milla have a nap, Nina and I settled down and watched Nujum Pak Belalang. It's one of P Ramlee's silly movies. It's about a little boy called Belalang (Grasshopper) and his dad Pak Belalang (Daddy/Uncle Grasshopper).

Little Belalang is so clever and hard working and always looking out for his lazy no hoper dad! The whole story started when Little Belalang bumped into some penyamun (robbers) and he pretended to be a djin to scare the robbers away and rescued the 2 cows and 2 goats from the robbers. He took the animals home and Pak Belalang started panicking. Clever Little Belalang assured his dad that everything will be fine as they are going to return them to the rightful owners. All they had to do was hide the animals, then Little Belalang will play near the penghulu's (leader of the village) house and wait until some people arrive to complain about the theft. He will then tell the penghulu that his dad is a psychic...

I know that it doesn't sound funny... but trust me it is and it's all chaos from then onwards!

We decided to stop the movie half way through and take Milla for a walk as Nina needed to get stuff for Milla.

We walked to the Pharmacy... and then we stopped at a bar and had a quick drink and some lumpia... and then they took me to an Indonesian take-away!

With all the variety of dishes, I didn't know what to choose! They all looked yummy! And when I was ready to order, it was kind of weird to have a Dutch momma speaking to me in Indonesian!

When we got home and tucked into our food... WOW!! SEDAP!!

I didn't stay at Nina's in the end... but as always, I had a great time with her. I think our bond is a different one. We might not talk to each other every other day, or e-mail or chat online as often as a lot of friends do... but I know that she is one of the few people that I trust... and I think in a way, which I can't explain, she appreciates our friendship.

We've known each other more than a decade now... and I do remember our younger years when we were in university and then in London, and I cherish those days.

And when I look at her now, her life... I can't ever now imgine her life without Milla.


Anonymous Nina said...

Oh. Now i want to cry....

*sob sob sob*
p.s That photo of me makes me look like cik norkiah hanum! What is missing is that silly shoulder shaking dance and a microphone...

BTW, enjoy your ibu mertua ku!

And whatever happen don't become pompuan kabaret, low class OK? ;-P

7/28/2006 01:12:00 pm  
Blogger yati said...

reply to nina:
ala payung lah payung... ketipang payung *shaking my shoulder*

feel the groove girl!

dah... pegi angkat kain! hari dah nak hujan!

7/28/2006 04:59:00 pm  
Blogger Ms J said...

hey i am jealous! i was i was there with you both..and yes Yati! she is special and v v caring! I just wished we could both be at the same place samew time instead of different continents...perhaps we can all plan a meet up eh??

7/31/2006 12:58:00 pm  

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