Sunday, July 23, 2006

It Didn't But It's All OK Now

The fax did eventually come and I head over to the Malaysian Embassy. Waited for my turn. The receptionist remembered me as she said she didn't need to look at my documents as she's seen it yesterday.

When it was my turn, it was the guy from JB Immigration Office and when he saw me he was very nice about it. He was like see, nothing to worry about and the person who validate the photocopy of my ID card was a mate of his!

I gave him all my documents, 5 minutes later I paid the £50.00 fee and was told to come back at 16:30 to pick up my new passport! Woooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooooooo.

I went back to work. As I as 1.5 hours late, I explained everything to the manager and was ready to sacrifice half a day annual leave, but she said not to worry about it and just work some extra hours when I get back!

Things are looking up!

Then we got a message from the manager conveying a decision from our other manager saying that because of the heatwave that has hit the UK for the week, we could leave at 16:00!!

16:00 I left and rushed to the embassy. I left the receipt on the counter and waited for my name to be called.


Saya! And I rushed to the counter. The guy was flicking through the passports that he had. I saw mine at the bottom of the pile.

Eh! Tak adalah passport awak (Your passport is not here)

Jangan main-mainlah. Tu saya nampak kat bawah tu! (Stop joking around. I saw it under there)

He asked me to sign it and I noticed it was and old style passport. According to him the embassy's passport is special. I will have to get it changed when I go back to Malaysia to get the new version!

Oh well... I'm just happy when he passed it over to me!

Terima kasih!

And I rushed out to get the tube! I had to wait at least 15 minutes for the tube in Hyde Park Corner. And when it arrived... it was soooooooooooooooooo packed!

I jumped out at Hatton Cross and the Piccadilly Line does not stop at my destination. Went to a shop at the station for some credit for my phone only to discover We only do £10 credit. Well I only had £5!

Forget about it. Jump of the bus and got to T4 and went to Boots. Well, I can't go anywhere unless I know where Jules is! He got the bag and the ticket!

After ringing the wrong number about a million times and getting annoyed that he wasn't answering his phone... got through him eventually... went through the depature gate and after a pint and a meal (which I needed so much) we got on the plane...

Which was delayed for 45 minutes!

Got to Schipol. Went through immigration. Got the bag. Got a cab.... and got stuck in a traffic jam at 23:00hours!
Hotel in AmsterdamWhen we eventually got to the hotel after midnight... and got our room key (which was a non-smoking room... but since we're here it became a smoking room), we dropped our stuff and went out for coffee and a wander about.

I still can't believe I made it!

Jules wants coffee... so I'm off out. More of my little adventures in a bit!


Anonymous lyndt said...

a good start eh albeit the delays and all. write on and get me a pic of the black tulip ok...n the orange ones..alah! make it semua colour but black mesti ada ek.say hi to nina

7/24/2006 02:39:00 am  

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