Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Intertoto - Newcastle vs Lillestrom

Football started early for me this year. I thought I won't see any actions after the World Cup until the Premiership starts... but then, I can't believe I forgot about MY TEAM!!! The fighting Toon Army! They started early for the Intertoto Cup... trying to qualify for the Eufa Cup since they missed their chance for the Champion's League this year!

Love them as I do, I'm not pinning my hopes up for a top 6 finish this year. I admire Glenn Roeder as a coach... but there's no magic of Alan Shearer now since he's retired and at the moment Michael Owen is out due to the knee injury he sustained during the World Cup!

But they are fighters no less... after just a few weeks of training, they managed to hold Lillestrom to a 1-1 draw, when they were 1-0 down in the first half. Albert Luque equalised magnificently.

Photo courtesy of BBC Sport

Unlike any managers, Glenn took the results in a stride and admitted that they still have a lot to do. The Man U manager would have said something like it was the wrong kind of grass! Gwawr... if you're reading this at least I didn't add the usual swear word when ever I mention the name Man U ****!

We've got a new manager, a new captain (Scott Parker) and a new year to look ahead. I do feel that it will be a good year for us Newcastle fans.



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