Saturday, July 22, 2006

Did It Get Easier?

Friday was another mad rush for me! If you've read my last post, you'd understand why.

Anyway, after my ordeal yesterday, I called mom and kind of explained my situation. I felt bad for doing this to mom. She's got her own stuff to do and here I am barging in and asked her if she could do stuff for me and not even explaining the whole thing.

Mom is great. She went to get my ID card photocopied, went to the immigration office to get it stamped and then passed it over to a neighbours of ours to get it faxed.

Due to mom, I stopped panicking for a bit. Well... I was still panicking but not as bad as before.

Woke up yesterday, went to my office early to fetch the fax. Got there... AND THE FAX WASN'T THERE!

I went into panic mode again!

I have to go out now... Do you think it got any easier?


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