Monday, July 31, 2006

What's In A Name...

I needed to rest from looking at work on the screen this afternoon, so I went on the BBC website just to see what's going on in the world. I went to the Asia Pacific news and saw a little headline on the side on Malaysia.

I love reading stuff about Malaysia because usually it's something silly and it usually cheers me up... and this time it's about names...

Malay people usually name their kids with Arabic names with nice meanings... but I guess sometimes there's a slip up somewhere! Not that I would know because I don't know arabic... apart from jumjumtun which means skeleton... or is it? I can't remember, it was years ago that I learnt it at the religious school!

Back to the names... I remember reading in a book by Lee Su Kim called Malaysian Flavours where she said a name might be nice in one language but a no no in another... like... Ai Kan Fook... and... So Kan Ai!

Somehow, even though apparently there's a reason to my name, I'll never know as my father chose my name and I'm not really in speaking terms with him! Maybe I'll ask my mom one day... but I doubt that she knows as back then what my father said goes and no question asked!

Anyway, the Malaysian government is banning some names... and kids cannot be named after flowers or animals anymore!! Or any other silly names! This means that if ever have a kid, I'll never be able to call him/her Belalang (grashopper)! And I've even thought of calling my kid... if it's a boy... Mr Miyagi! How cool is that??!! First name MISTER! I can imagine him going around the playground and saying... I'm MISTER to you!

I am joking of course *grin*

But... the ban on names is not a joke! I guess I can understand... just imagine if there are actually mad people like me!!!

Hitam itu Menawan...

On my last post, I received a comment from Nina saying that her legs look 'hitam melegam', meaning very very extra very black!

I never thought of her being dark skinned. Maybe because I just know her as Nina and love her caring nature and never really think about her physical appearance. Of course I always admire her sense of style... compared to my always grungy look she is very stylish... but the tone of her skin never crossed my mind.

But then, I do understand what she is talking about as I come from a country where fair skin is the symbol of beauty.

I do remember how I loved playing and running around in the open air, exposed to the sun and how dark my skin became! I never really cared about it until the kids at school started calling me names and admiring the fair skinned girls at school. I got a bit confused. Part of me didn't care what they say as I was having fun... but the vain part of me became jealous of those fair skinned people who were admired whether or not they are nice natured. I tried to be like them... looking after my skin and try to be fashionable... but then, it's not me.

I'd rather go and sit in the hot sun with my granddad's made fishing pole by the river in my mucky t-shirt and shorts than sitting indoor looking demure.

In the 80's, there was a advertisment for a watch on Malaysian TV where the catch phrase was 'Hitam itu menawan' (Black is attractive)... I can't remember what type of watch it was but... the ad just made things worse! Kids at school started to use it as an insult... but then, I still didn't care.

I'm never going to have the perfect porceline skin... I'm never going to have a great sense of style... I'm never going to soft and demure...

This is me. I have people around me who love me for who I am... and I they are the people that I care about... and I really do not care about what others think. SO THERE!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Photo Friday - Portrait

I was looking through all the photos to select the best picture to submit to Photo Friday for this week's entry. There are a few lovely photos of my granddad, grandma and mom... but some how this is my favourite portrait photo at the moment!
This is my friend's little baby in Vondel Park messing up the blanket and laughing about it... a portrait of pure happiness...

Friday, July 28, 2006

Is It Dutch or Is It Turkish?

After I left Nina's... I went back to the hotel and Jules wasn't there!! Well, it is Amsterdam and I didn't really expect him to be cooped up in the hotel...

But I thought... I'll just try one place and see if he's there.

So off I went to Kedai Kopi Belalang... and there he was, sitting there with his head in a book and a glass of coke! He looked up and I'm sure he looked happy to see me!

We sat there watching people passing by and tripping on the pavement (the pavement was a bit wonky with some slabs jutting out) as he has his coke and me with my caffe latte. And I was telling him about my day with Nina and the food... told him I had some ayam belado from the Indonesian take-away... when suddenly a thought struck my little brain!

Well... turkeys that you have for dinner on Christmas day is called ayam belanda in Malaysia, directly translated - Dutch chicken...

SO... are they Turkish or are they Dutch?

Answer on a postcard please...

Nina... Milla... Belalang

I've known Nina ever since I came to this country. She knows that for me, simple things makes me happy. So, when she had time to spare, she invited me to go to Amsterdam to just hang out and watch old Malaysian P Ramlee movies!

The plan was that I go to Amsterdam on my own and we have some girlie days together! But Amsterdam is one place that Jules will not let me go alone. If Nina was anywhere else in the world he would have just let me go alone... but since it's Amsterdam, there's no way that we'll ever have our girlie days!!

But we did decide to try to have at least have one day of just us girls!

I went to Nina's last Monday.

After a bit of lunch and a bit of a chit chat and letting Milla have a nap, Nina and I settled down and watched Nujum Pak Belalang. It's one of P Ramlee's silly movies. It's about a little boy called Belalang (Grasshopper) and his dad Pak Belalang (Daddy/Uncle Grasshopper).

Little Belalang is so clever and hard working and always looking out for his lazy no hoper dad! The whole story started when Little Belalang bumped into some penyamun (robbers) and he pretended to be a djin to scare the robbers away and rescued the 2 cows and 2 goats from the robbers. He took the animals home and Pak Belalang started panicking. Clever Little Belalang assured his dad that everything will be fine as they are going to return them to the rightful owners. All they had to do was hide the animals, then Little Belalang will play near the penghulu's (leader of the village) house and wait until some people arrive to complain about the theft. He will then tell the penghulu that his dad is a psychic...

I know that it doesn't sound funny... but trust me it is and it's all chaos from then onwards!

We decided to stop the movie half way through and take Milla for a walk as Nina needed to get stuff for Milla.

We walked to the Pharmacy... and then we stopped at a bar and had a quick drink and some lumpia... and then they took me to an Indonesian take-away!

With all the variety of dishes, I didn't know what to choose! They all looked yummy! And when I was ready to order, it was kind of weird to have a Dutch momma speaking to me in Indonesian!

When we got home and tucked into our food... WOW!! SEDAP!!

I didn't stay at Nina's in the end... but as always, I had a great time with her. I think our bond is a different one. We might not talk to each other every other day, or e-mail or chat online as often as a lot of friends do... but I know that she is one of the few people that I trust... and I think in a way, which I can't explain, she appreciates our friendship.

We've known each other more than a decade now... and I do remember our younger years when we were in university and then in London, and I cherish those days.

And when I look at her now, her life... I can't ever now imgine her life without Milla.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Starting Again

There were 2 reasons why I started my blog.

Reason #1: I started my blog as a way to vent things out of my system. I felt guilty of taking things out on the person I share my life with and it made me even angrier (mostly with myself) for doing that to him.

I've got a lot in my little head and sometimes I find it hard to explain and get frustrated. So things that are not concerning him but I need to let it out, I do it here.

So, I started writing. Most of the time what I write does not make sense to anyone but me. I write what is in my head and I write what I observe.

I gave my blog address out to the people who I want to read my blog and believe that they will not judge me. I admit, I am a naive soul.

This past few weeks, my writing hasn't really been mine because lately I've actually sat and thought about what I should be put into words instead of letting the words flow. Now when I read my blogs from the past few weeks, I can't even see me on any of my writings. All of them are written with care as not to offend anyone.

It's not that I'm writing to cause any offence to anyone intentionally... but now (like right now) I feel like I have to explain every single word that I write!

I really don't enjoy writing anymore because of this. I'm sorry but I'm human. I need to show my emotions and voice them out. People might not agree with what I feel and what I see and what I write... but it's my thoughts seen through my eyes and brings so much emotions in me.

I am human and I will make mistakes.

I will blog the way that I want to again... and if you think that what I see and write is wrong, point me to the right direction. And if I disagree with anybody, please respect my opinion the way that I respect every single opinion that is dished my way.

You can't just get respect without earning it.

And that leads to reason #2:
I also started this blog for my closest friends and my little sister. And I know for a fact that none of them judges me and all of them will not think twice to point me to the right direction if I am wrong and I also know that they will be disappointed if I don't tell them my story the way that I see it... and they have my upmost respect... and for you my little sister and my friends, the way that you are always there for me, I will always be here for you.

Now that that's out of my system, it's time for me to relax again!

Ready... Steady... Bored!

After a nice and relaxing time in Amsterdam, I'm getting ready to go to work! I'm really not looking forward to it! Oh well... need to pay the bills.

Note to self - buy lottery ticket this weekend!

Hmmmm... just heard on BBC Breakfast that there are severe delays on the Northern Line. That's a good start.

I'm just going to sit back and think of Amsterdam again!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Illustration Friday - Opposite

Jules found a grafitti as we were walking through the alley ways in Amsterdam... that soon became my mark around Amsterdam. In each pub or cafe or kedai kopi we went to I put my mark down on a beer mat. 'Pretend I'm Not Here'... when I am... peeking at the edge of each beer mat...

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

And Now We Are Home

It was our second trip to Amsterdam together. Actually both our holidays together has been Amsterdam! It's the only place that both of us has been before without each other and since we've done the touristy things (or I've done the touristy things) before, we feel that we could just relax and not rush around.

We arrived after midnight... early Saturday morning. First stop was Kedai Kopi Belalang. It was just around the corner from our hotel. It became base camp!

Then we wandered around. Must have got back to the hotel and fell asleep around 3am!

After the whole thing I went through before the trip, I still couldn't believe that I... that we made it!

Saturday started really slow... went again to Kedai Kopi Belalang... found a pair of Vans for Ayu... had breakfast lunch... saw some drummers at the Dam

But after leaving them, I think they might have been rain makers! It started raining... not the type of rain that I always complain about... but the type of rain that I love (and my little sister hates). It started raining baby hippos and baby rhinos! We decided to walk back to the hotel as we were soaked... so there's not much point of seeking shelter. We were seriously drenched! With the rain pelting on my face, I couldn't see where I was going! But it was lovely rain!

As we were cutting through some alley ways, Jules noticed a grafitti that in the end became my mark on the beer mats in Amsterdam... that, I think will be my entry for last week's Illustration Friday.

We didn't go far after the rain. Actually... Friday caught up on me and I was sleeping most of the afternoon!

Sunday, I got in touch with Nina and we decided to spend some time at Vondel Park. It was a lovely day. And since our hotel is in the middle of Amsterdam on this trip, we decided to walk everywhere.

Vondel Park is like Hyde Park in London. Loads of people just chilling out. And so was I...

I was just happy lying there looking up at the sky and the trees...
I didn't forget the reason why I was at Vondel Park... Nina and I decided to take our babies to the park! *grin*
And aren't they cute!

There's so much to tell... Monday I spent time with Nina and Milla... Tuesday was Heineken day... Wednesday... It was home.

I just came in about 45minutes ago... and am still tired. But I have to say... I always enjoy my trips to Amsterdam and it's actually a place that Jules and I could really relax... and I always look forward to the next time I see Nina and Milla...

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Shoes For Ayu

Ayu... I went out and about yesterday and saw this. Vans 4 Ayu

You did tell me that you want a pair of Vans. I thought this looks cool! Let me know if you want a pair of them and I'll get them for you! Tell me before Wednesday!

I've seen the ones that you told me that you want. So let me know. And I get you a pair!


It Didn't But It's All OK Now

The fax did eventually come and I head over to the Malaysian Embassy. Waited for my turn. The receptionist remembered me as she said she didn't need to look at my documents as she's seen it yesterday.

When it was my turn, it was the guy from JB Immigration Office and when he saw me he was very nice about it. He was like see, nothing to worry about and the person who validate the photocopy of my ID card was a mate of his!

I gave him all my documents, 5 minutes later I paid the £50.00 fee and was told to come back at 16:30 to pick up my new passport! Woooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooooooo.

I went back to work. As I as 1.5 hours late, I explained everything to the manager and was ready to sacrifice half a day annual leave, but she said not to worry about it and just work some extra hours when I get back!

Things are looking up!

Then we got a message from the manager conveying a decision from our other manager saying that because of the heatwave that has hit the UK for the week, we could leave at 16:00!!

16:00 I left and rushed to the embassy. I left the receipt on the counter and waited for my name to be called.


Saya! And I rushed to the counter. The guy was flicking through the passports that he had. I saw mine at the bottom of the pile.

Eh! Tak adalah passport awak (Your passport is not here)

Jangan main-mainlah. Tu saya nampak kat bawah tu! (Stop joking around. I saw it under there)

He asked me to sign it and I noticed it was and old style passport. According to him the embassy's passport is special. I will have to get it changed when I go back to Malaysia to get the new version!

Oh well... I'm just happy when he passed it over to me!

Terima kasih!

And I rushed out to get the tube! I had to wait at least 15 minutes for the tube in Hyde Park Corner. And when it arrived... it was soooooooooooooooooo packed!

I jumped out at Hatton Cross and the Piccadilly Line does not stop at my destination. Went to a shop at the station for some credit for my phone only to discover We only do £10 credit. Well I only had £5!

Forget about it. Jump of the bus and got to T4 and went to Boots. Well, I can't go anywhere unless I know where Jules is! He got the bag and the ticket!

After ringing the wrong number about a million times and getting annoyed that he wasn't answering his phone... got through him eventually... went through the depature gate and after a pint and a meal (which I needed so much) we got on the plane...

Which was delayed for 45 minutes!

Got to Schipol. Went through immigration. Got the bag. Got a cab.... and got stuck in a traffic jam at 23:00hours!
Hotel in AmsterdamWhen we eventually got to the hotel after midnight... and got our room key (which was a non-smoking room... but since we're here it became a smoking room), we dropped our stuff and went out for coffee and a wander about.

I still can't believe I made it!

Jules wants coffee... so I'm off out. More of my little adventures in a bit!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Did It Get Easier?

Friday was another mad rush for me! If you've read my last post, you'd understand why.

Anyway, after my ordeal yesterday, I called mom and kind of explained my situation. I felt bad for doing this to mom. She's got her own stuff to do and here I am barging in and asked her if she could do stuff for me and not even explaining the whole thing.

Mom is great. She went to get my ID card photocopied, went to the immigration office to get it stamped and then passed it over to a neighbours of ours to get it faxed.

Due to mom, I stopped panicking for a bit. Well... I was still panicking but not as bad as before.

Woke up yesterday, went to my office early to fetch the fax. Got there... AND THE FAX WASN'T THERE!

I went into panic mode again!

I have to go out now... Do you think it got any easier?

Thursday, July 20, 2006

I Never Make It Easy For Myself

Had a chat with Nina this morning... Told her that I only had 5 months left on my passport and she said I'd better go to the embassy or I won't be able to travel!


So I went to the Malaysian Embassy... have to leave a few bits out as a lot of people read my blog now and I really don't want to get into trouble! Anyway... went to the embassy and explained everything to the receptionist. She was really nice about it. She told me to have a talk with the people inside and they should be able to sort me out... and asked for my identity card!

I was like.... errrrrr... I don't have my ID card. She told me to come back tomorrow with the ID card and all will be fine... and again I was like.... errrrrrrr.... it's in Malaysia but I have my passport here and I really need to renew it!!

It was really weird... in Malaysia they won't entertain me... but she talked to me nicely telling me that if I don't want to keep my ID card here, I should ask my mom to photocopy it and get it certified and get it photocopy posted to me... that's for future events! But for now, she gave me the form to fill, told me not to worry, gave me my waiting number and then the best advise... GROVEL!

When my turn came, I took a deep breath and started grovelling! I think the person behind the counter was going to sway but he had to speak to his superior... who was sitting next to him and said... NO!!

I was ready to cry! Tolonglah encik. Tak ada jalan lain ke?

He looked at me and asked me where my ID card was... Dekat rumah mak. Where in Malaysia is my mom... Dekat JB. Where does my mom live... Straits View.

It's only a short walk to the Immigration Office. Get your mom to photocopy your card, tell her to go to the Immigration Office, Block B, first floor and get the official stamp there. I was based in JB's Immigration Office for years! I know where it is...

It's not a short walk! It's like walking from Bank to Victoria... but I know what he meant.

I was like if I bring it first thing tomorrow morning, will I get it straight away? He assured me that it will be ready in the afternoon!

Terima kasih encik!

Now all I have to hope for is mom faxing my ID card photocopy and it reaches the embassy all right... and everything will be fine.


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Who, How, Where, When

I was told something this morning. Even though the outcome from what was told to me was what I want to hear... I just don't understand what (not) happened. And now my head is spinning thinking about what led to it to (not) happen in the first place. It can't be just that easy... But then I was told the rest is not important... not important to whom? Shouldn't I make the decision on what I think is important and what is not? Maybe I'm being a girl because I want to know who, how, where, when... If that's the case, I am a girl and I need to know. Did it (not) happen recently? What led to it to (not) happen? All of a sudden I don't feel secure.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Intertoto - Newcastle vs Lillestrom

Football started early for me this year. I thought I won't see any actions after the World Cup until the Premiership starts... but then, I can't believe I forgot about MY TEAM!!! The fighting Toon Army! They started early for the Intertoto Cup... trying to qualify for the Eufa Cup since they missed their chance for the Champion's League this year!

Love them as I do, I'm not pinning my hopes up for a top 6 finish this year. I admire Glenn Roeder as a coach... but there's no magic of Alan Shearer now since he's retired and at the moment Michael Owen is out due to the knee injury he sustained during the World Cup!

But they are fighters no less... after just a few weeks of training, they managed to hold Lillestrom to a 1-1 draw, when they were 1-0 down in the first half. Albert Luque equalised magnificently.

Photo courtesy of BBC Sport

Unlike any managers, Glenn took the results in a stride and admitted that they still have a lot to do. The Man U manager would have said something like it was the wrong kind of grass! Gwawr... if you're reading this at least I didn't add the usual swear word when ever I mention the name Man U ****!

We've got a new manager, a new captain (Scott Parker) and a new year to look ahead. I do feel that it will be a good year for us Newcastle fans.


Monday, July 17, 2006

Illustration Friday - Sacrifice

This is my entry for this week's topic on Illustration Friday. It's not very cheery, is it? But that's how I feel at the moment.

Although I received a great news from mom... and that I won the competition at rrramone's blog... I just feel a bit down at the moment...

But I do have a story to tell about this picture. I got into work in the morning and scanned this picture... as it was coming up on the screen, one of the academics that I find are really gentle and sweet came in and asked me to scan something for him... I did notice him looking at my screen as he handed me the document. When he left, I looked at my screen in horror! The picture was still up! I don't think I'll be seeing him anytime soon!

Busy Year for the Stork

I just received a text (SMS) of mom!!!

This past few months, I've been getting loads of news on pregnancies and/or births!! And about 10 minutes ago, mom sent me a message saying that I'll be an aunt (for the first time) sometime in February!!

I'm still in shock... my brother is going to be a dad!!! I'm sure once it sinks in, I'll be... extra shocked!

Abang and Ija... you won't be reading this blog but... CONGRATULATIONS!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Pat and Vic and St Tropez

Last week, Pat went over to St Tropez with her Vic and her aunt to visit her cousin (her aunt's son).

I alway miss Pat when she is not about! I look forward to her coming into my office everyday... and we have a good ole chatter! Or if by lunch time I haven't seen her, I'll go and hunt her down in her office for a good ole chatter!

I love listening to her stories and when she came back from St Tropez... I was so eager to listen to her stories and begged for photos! I've never been to St Tropez, you see...

And I have to say that I was really impressed with the picture they took! I've asked for Pat's permission to put the photos up on my blog... and if the topic is right in Photo Friday, to enter them there. Pat and Vic will be famous! OK... not famous... but everybody around the world would be able to enjoy their photos too!

Below are my 2 favourite photos from their holiday in St Tropez!

The above is the picture of the door to their room at Pat's cousin's house leading to the swimming pool... and below is her aunt having a snooze with Pat's cousin's doggie... aren't they sweet... bless them

I'll be heading to Amsterdam after work on Friday. It won't be as glamourous as St Tropez... but I know Jules and I will have a wonderful time and I really can't wait to see Nina and baby Milla again!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Photo Friday - Remarkable

I don't have any dazzling photos for this topic. I've got a lot of missed moments in my head and in my photo file. Where the camera snapped to late or it took me ages to find my camera... so...

Although it might not look remarkable, but to me it was a remarkable moment when I found wheat growing in my garden!

So here is my unremarkable remarkable entry to Photo Friday... Wheat In My Garden

Thursday, July 13, 2006

TV Moments - #1 Mobility Scooter

I always put on BBC Breakfast news every weekday mornings whilst I have my first cup of coffee of the day. I don't really like watching the news as most news are miserable! I put BBC on just for the London transport news. I don't want to walk all the way to the tube station to find out that it's shut! So, if I know what's going on then I could just get on the bus or walk to Clapham Junction and catch the over ground train to Waterloo.

Anyway, I was sipping my cup of coffee and was just looking at the screen. They were talking about the NetWest 3 who will be extradited to the USA to be tried for the ENRON case. What caught my eyes was just a tiny scene in the report. I wasn't really following the story/news, I was just looking at the moving pictures. The last shot was the NetWest 3 standing on a bridge (I think it was the Millenium Bridge in front of Tate Modern) and for a split second, a granny on her bright red mobility scooter just whizzed by! It looked like she was speeding! As I said, it was just for a split second but it was enough to make me laugh! I think laughter is a nice way to start the day.

But it's not really a laughing matter. I have witnessed a few pensioners speeding in their mobility scooters on on the padestrian pavements! They can be dangerous! How scary would it be to have a bright red mobitlity scooter speeding towards you??!!

But it is difficult to see the serious bit and even if an accident happens and you try to tell the story back to people... can you imagine anybody taking you seriously?

The thing is, they are breaking the law! If I'm not mistaken, anything with wheels and especially if it's motorised are not allowed on the padestrian pavement. Such vehicle, i.e. skateboards, roller-blades and mobility scooters, should be on the road!

Why don't people every complain about the mobility scooter? I don't think it's mean to tell of old people who are speeding in their mobility scooter on padestrian pavements. Like everybody else, they should respect other padestrians and road users and the law.

I say off the pavements and get on the road if you want to drive like a maniac! Leave us padestrians alone!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Me Little Sister

I have to say that my sister is just the best! She always manage to cheer me up even though she's on the other side of the planet! All she has to do is squeek and I'll smile!

Came into work this morning to an inbox full of e-mails that makes my blood bubbles. This is definitely not the way to start my day. After going through all of them and replying to each in a very polite and constructive manner, it was hard, and doing odd little tasks here and there, I thought I'd go and check my hotmail e-mail and see whether I got any nice e-mails from anybody... and there it was... and e-mail saying that my little sister has left a comment on my blog.

She's in her first few weeks of university and hating it! After such a long time of being absent, this morning when I woke up, I noticed that she's put up 2 new post on her blog! You can't imagine how happy I was! OK... so what if both blogs where complaining about the university she's in at the moment. It was just nice to get some news off her!

When I received her comment at work, it made the day bearable.

I do love the randomness of her comments. She'll just writes what ever she wants whether or not it relates to my blog! On her comment, she was complaining about the administration in her university and that if I was the administrator there everything would run smoothly and she'll be in her classes! Bless her... They forgot to put her name down on some classes so she couldn't start her studies. Damn right I wouldn't have let that happen! I would want the students to suffer so I always make sure that they are put down for all the classes and lectures and anything extra!

I really can't believe that she's in university now! When I left for England, she was a wee little girl... she was 5. And now she's all grown up and I can't help but be proud of her. I always tell people that she's my baby. I did use to look after her when she was a baby.

I'd come back from school and look after her when mom goes to work (mom was a teacher and teached in the afternoon). I had to study for my SPM (O-levels equivalent) but my sister will not stop crying until I put her on my tummy. There she slept for hours while I did my revision.

I wish I was there when she was growing up. I missed all of that... and I miss her loads!

Ayu & MeThis drawing was done in the KLCC aquarium in KL when I was in Malaysia last November. We had 2 drawings done. This was our favourite and I let her keep it. Hope it's hanging somewhere in her room at the university.

I spent some time with her last November in her college. We went shopping, we went to the movies, we went to the aquarium and we had fun! She is part of the reason why I have my yearly Malaysian visits... even if it's just to see her for 5 minutes. She ain't heavy... she's my little sister.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Of Zizou and Blogs

As expected, everyone was talking about the Zinedine Zidane's (Zizou) incident in the World Cup final. They kept saying that they can't believe someone of his caliber can lose his temper... and I was thinking... He IS only human.

The news and newspapers are saying that Materassi (the guy he headbutted) called Zizou's mom a whore and stuff like that, and the fact that his mom was taken ill that day, he just lost it.

What ever his reason is, somehow, I admire him more now than ever! He has balls! The guy who would not involve himself in any politics going on around him, the guy who manages his temper better than other footballer... turned around and headbutted an Italian player! No hiding!

Other players either fouled another player badly, or like Rooney seems like accidentally kicking another players balls, or like Beckham still on the ground and kicked an Argentinian backside... errr... hoping that the referee wouldn't see it?

Not Zizou... how honest was he? On his feet... turned around... and headbutted! You're the man Zizou!!!

It is a shame that he won't be playing international football any longer...

OK... that's the last of my entry on the World Cup!

On blogs...

2 people I know have decided to start blogging!!! My fella Jules and my mate Danni.

Jules' blog is a bit geeky... at the moment he's talking a lot about his rendering! I think his stuff is quite cool... but then... he's my fella and he knows that I think he's work is cool! *wink* I do think that he should put his stuff on Illustration Friday... Like the work he did with me on Rain.

As should Danni! She photoshopped me a flower! *grin* I think Danni started her blog like me... for therapy... words do help!

And now that my Jules is blogging, he's getting all geeky about it and I think I'll be moving my blog again sometime in the future! *wink*

Updated 12th July at 16:24

Woooooo hooooooo!!! More people I know have started blogging!! Miss Wonderland herself, Alice, posted her first blog today!! Well done girl!

And I discovered that the meanest... the coolest... Mr Convenor that we all lovingly know as dq... has a blog too! As I told him, there goes my plan on a 15 year trip to the bahamas sponsored by the money I earned off blackmailing him! Now that he has a blog, everything will be out in the open! But... I wasn't going to blackmail him anyway cause he did win a silver medal for sparring at the British TAGB Taekwon-do Championships in Coventry last year! Like I dare to inflict anything towards him!!

Anyway... to the both of you... I look forward to reading your life adventures! That's me being Little Miss Nosey!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

The Last Match For World Cup 2006

The last match... Italy vs France

The match is on at the moment... I'm in the kitchen making nasi goreng... and blogging at the same time.

It's not that I'm not interested... I'm just a bit restless! I'm not really rooting for a team at the moment... OK... that's a lie.

I do want France to win in a way... I've always been an admirer of Zidane. I do think that he is one of the best footballer at the present moment and since he is retiring from international football after the World Cup, I feel it would be a great sending off for him if France wins... but I guess we will just have to wait and see!

Now... I will go and continue making the nasi goreng and watch the match...

The time now is 20:44... It's not long to the final whistle! The score at the moment is 1-1... and I'm really hoping that France would score again and it won't go to extra time! They are showing Poirot after the match and it goes to extra time and penalties, they might cancel Poirot!

Italy has a free kick... I guess it's time for me to watch the match again!

The final whistle blew... and it will go to extra time!

End of first half of extra time and it's still 1-1!

Oh dear... it's the second half of extra time... and Zidane has been sent off! Oh dear... oh dear... oh dear... that's not the good way to end your international career... I think it's down hill for France now... playing with 10 men...

It was the right decision by the referee... but the thing is none of the officials saw it... so how did the come to the decison? But I guess it does not matter how the reached the decision as it was the right decision.

Can't be long now until the penalty shoot out... unless someone scores like right now!

The World Cup is going to be decided by the penalty shoot out!

And... Italy won the World Cup...


Saturday, July 08, 2006

Gay Paris... Dear Antoine

Sriperwira left a comment on my blog. I have no idea who she is but I do like it when random people leave comments on my blog! So I went to check out her blog and it seems that she's been having a break in Paris.

The last time I went to Paris was trying to patch things up with and ex-boyfriend, A... it was just a day trip and obviously it didn't work! Which I am really glad about...

But before that, the best trip to Paris for me was in the summer of 2000... after I broke up with another ex-boyfriend, D! I found out that he cheated on me and I went to Paris to meet up with my ex-flat mate, Antoine, to mend my aching heart!

I have to say that even though I've lost touch with Antoine, he was one of the best flat mate that I've ever had! Well, I can't really choose between him and Debbie... when it was the 3 of us in that flat in Battersea, we had a blast of a time... then Debbie went back to Australia and Antoine decided to accept a job in Paris...

Anyway, Antoine really looked after me even though he was busy with the organising of the grand opening of the restaurant he's working in. We had dinner at this wonderful restaurant somewhere in area 6. We just sat there eating and talking and must have left around 2am... we were the last customer and the waiters were so patient!

He took me to the antique market somewhere... I don't know where... and bought me a cool pair of shoes!

We went to a Morrocan tea shop and just sat there and sipped tea and have the sweetest pastries that I felt sick in the end!

He took me to a BBQ in this wonderful house... everybody was so relaxed... so bohemian... we got drunk and they started building ramps in the garden for the BMX bicycle... Then someone had the brilliant idea of going clubbing! A bunch of us packed into a small car... all still a bit tipsy and made our way to a club somewhere near Moulin Rouge.

But I have to say this... French drivers are something else! When we got to the car to go to the club, I noticed that there was not enough gap for the car to get out! But everybody was saying 'Don't worry' or 'It's not a problem', so I thought well... I am in their territory, they should know best!

The driver started the car and just kept nudging the cars at the back and front until there was space for him to get his car out! I was like shocked! But then all of us were tipsy... and I noticed there was no seatbelts in the car... but at that point I was having so much fun that I didn't care! I knew that they will look after me... a bunch of strangers...

I couldn't forget D during that trip... but everyone was so good to me and looked after me, even though the only person I knew was Antoine, that I couldn't help but have fun and be happy...

Until now, I have to say that trip to Paris with my aching heart is one of the best trip I've had in my life. I met a lot of loving strangers... and I wish that I haven't lost contact with Antoine... I wonder if he followed his dream and move back to Bordeaux and opened up his own bar and restaurant... What ever he's doing... I wish him all the success and... I do miss him!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Why Bamboos Are Useful : #1 Pop-Gun

I was looking through another of rrramone's blog called For My Eye Only and noticed that one of his drawing looked like a bunch of bamboos! It made me think of a few things in Malaysia... mostly my childhood... the happy part.

There was a bamboo hedge in front of granddad's old house when I was a kid... but when I say in front, it was across the lane and belonged to his neighbour. But when I was little, granddad will go and grab a few sticks of bamboo and make me a pop-gun. I'm not sure how I should describe this... so I hope I won't be sued under any copyright laws by taking an extract out of 'Kampung Boy Yesterday & Today' by the famous Malaysian cartoonist (well... he's famous in Malaysia) called Lat. Anyway... this could be a good publicity for him and you guys might just decide to get his book... plus, he's the only person that I know who could describe it so well in drawings and words...Extract from Lat's Kampung Boy Yesterday & Today Extract from Lat's Kampung Boy Yesterday & Today Extract from Lat's Kampung Boy Yesterday & Today Extract from Lat's Kampung Boy Yesterday & Today Extract from Lat's Kampung Boy Yesterday & TodayPop-gun rocks! But I do have to say that I was lucky enough not to have encountered the pop-machine-gun!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Illustration Friday - Sticky

Actually I'm going to cheat here as I can't seem to find any ideas on how to paint sticky!

The doodles below are obviously not sticky... BUT if the manager ever find out what I do during the meetings, I would be in a STICKY SITUATION!

I wrote the post below about 5 minutes ago... so this is an edit *wink*

Doodles Meeting

Most of the meetings that I have to go to I find them pretty boring. I don't mind if the meeting is a productive meeting... what I can't stand is when a meeting is organised just for the sake of having a meeting! Then the meeting is just a waste of time, in my opinion!

To entertain myself, usually I just sit and doodle. I found some tucked away on my desk yesterday when I came back from a meeting (which I unfortunately did not doodle)...
Chair Doodle Lamp Doodle
Water Drops Doodle
Dress Doodle
Bunch of Bic Pens DoodleI do wish that I had found more... but I must have just crumpled most of the papers that I doodle in and dropped them in the recycling box on the way out of the meeting room! But not to worry... there will be more meetings... and more doodle time! *grin*

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Is It Good News? My Head Is Spinning

I just got off the phone from Jules... the plan that we had about relocating to Sydney has been dashed now...

But he's been offered another country to relocate to... and now my head is in a spin! The thing is I do want to leave London... but I'm not sure if that country is where I want to go to!

I couldn't really talk because one of the managers was in my office...

I'm home now... the above was written around 16:30BST.

My head is still spinning from the news Jules told me. OK... We won't be going to Sydney... that bit I understand...

He then asked me where else would I want to live... well... it wasn't Amsterdam... It was a country in the far east... Do I want to live there?

I do want to live near my family... it would be easier for me to find a job with my experience and all...

But how would Jules cope? How would WE cope?

I guess it's something that we will have to talk about soon...

And I need to talk to my little sister...

The Woman Has Her Reason

I do apologise for the rant yesterday. I had a bad day... and I think girls would understand this more because most of us girls do suffer it every month; it is the dreaded PMT!

But I have to admit that it hasn't been as bad as it was since I changed the baby stopper medication! You should ask Jules about my PMTs when I was on the old baby stopper medication! I would cry for no reason, I start an argument with him even when I had no reason to argue, I'd be angry with the whole world and blame it on him...

Yesterday's rant is nothing compared what I went through before. I was pretty subdued. If you think that I was screaming my head off yesterday... well... you ain't seen nothing yet!

Actually... if I was on the old baby stopper... that won't even be on my blog because I'll be busy crying somewhere and causing an argument with Jules even when he's in agreement with me!

Instead, I had my rant on my blog and on Seb... went home... read my book and ordered pizza! The rant was forgotten and Jules didn't even feel a nudge from my PMT... OK... he might have felt a nudge but not a total WHACK!

Don't get me wrong. All that I said yesterday is still applicable... and I still want to leave my job. So there!

Had a meeting before... didn't do any doodling that I usually do during this type of meetings... I think I have a few doodles somewhere from my previous meetings... I'll try to find them and put it up later...

Oh... and it rained!! Afters days of temprature soaring above 30C... it rained!! I love the smell of rain!!

And I might be going to Amsterdam to see my friend Nina and baby Milla!!

Life is good!!

And there are a lot of jobs going out there... and one of them will be mine and it will be my dream job! Bed tester will be one of them!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Is It Not Friday Yet??!!!

I woke up today thinking, 'I don't want to go to work!'

I know... I know... everybody thinks that first thing Monday morning. The thing is, I really hate my work place. The hatred has been growing for a year now! It used to be that the people at my workplace made things bearable. I love most of them here. The admin staff, the academic staff and even the students used to make my day. They love the fact that no matter how awful my day was, I always have a smile for them... and it brightens up their day. I always lend my ear when they need someone to talk to... and it brightens up their day.

I'm not asking for anything back... I know that most of them would do the same for me... but I always think about professionalism... and it's not professional to sit and moan all the time... so I don't do it. It's not good time management either. Why moan when you should try to do something about it.

I try everyday to hold my head up, be professional and get on with my job. It's bringing me down and the fact that in my eyes some people are not being professional in dealing with things around work but get more acknowledgement.

I've also lost trust on some people that I trusted. And I think that is the worst bit. I can't work with people I don't trust. More to the point, I could work with people I don't trust as long as I've known that from the start! I've worked with such people (those that I don't trust) and because we had that relationship from the start, we got along fine... and all work was done accordingly.

It also taught me not to talk to people. Some things I say in trust... and suddenly the manager walks in and ask me what is going on? When I say something in trust is usually to get the weight off my shoulder as I try to figure out what to do. With everything I say reaching the manager before I could even compose myself... it just looks bad and I feel like I'm being pushed into a corner as I will need to explain myself without putting the other party in jeapordy.

I used to be happy in this job. I actually had job satisfaction... which I don't anymore. I was happier when I wasn't paid as well as I am now. I'm not saying that I'm earning a fortune... it's still really low... but I really rather have the job satisfaction I had then...

Now, I don't get noticed for the things that I've done but the things that goes wrong.

But do I really want to leave? As I said... I love most of the people. I keep thinking if I leave... would the people in the other place be as nice as the people here. Most of them are nice...

When I first started... there was no such thing as office politics. Academics or other admin staff will give me work and know that at the end of the day the job will be done and everybody was happy... now... I'm told to do something but have to have permission from someone before something is done and a have thousands of meetings before something can done and having to reschedule meetings set as someone can't seem to be bothered to check my online calendar when it was them who suggested to share calendars so that they could see what I'm doing and then ask me to book the meeting room on certain dates that they would have known that the meeting room is not available if they had bothered to check the booking spreadsheet online!

And they tell me to go to a time management course? Eff off the lot of you.

You say this happens everywhere... I know it happens everywhere... but it only recently happened here! It was never like that. If it had been like that from there start, I would have adjusted to it and expect it to be that way... Yes, things do change... I don't mind changes... if it is for the better! But this is not the case!

Plus, if I have something to say, I would go to the person that I need to say it to as it's better to say it face to face (in my opinion). So many time, I talk to certain people and at the end of the conversation I would say 'Is everything cool?' and they give me a positive response and when I get back to my desk, there's a long e-mail talking about it again! Why didn't they just say it in front of me that it's not cool and they need sometime to think about it before talking to me again? Then I will have to deal with the e-mail and what a waste more time as I thought the problems been dealt with but instead it escalated! Maybe they should go to a time management course themselves. Idiots!

Do I want to leave? Yes! For my sanity sake!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

End of the World Cup Dream...

I said in a previous post that even though I wasn't a true England supporter, I would really like them to get to the finals... I would love the World Cup atmosphere to stay in this country until the final whistle blows on the 9th July.

In the great football spirit, we had a football BBQ yesterday. A bunch of our friends came over to watch the match, have a few drinks and enjoy the food and the sunshine. Everything was great! The fridge was filled with food and drinks... Everyone was geared up to watch the footie...

16:00BST... the match kicked off. I have to admit that surrounded by England fans I started to feel excited about it. Plus, England played better than they had in their previous matches... so the anticipation was high... until Beckham got injured... not that he was playing well in the first place! Lenon replaced him and he was excellent!

Half time the score was 0-0.

Seb started the BBQ fire...

Second half started. In the 62nd minute... Rooney got sent off for kicking a Portugese player in the nuts while fighting for the ball. The thing is, he would have gotten a yellow card if not for his temper and his Manchester United team mate, Portugese Christian Ronaldo, winding him up about it. Out went the red card... and out went Rooney.

From then on I had to admire the England players for their performance and holding out the Portugese from scoring. End of second half 0-0.

End of first half of extra time, 0-0.

End of extra time, 0-0.

It all came down to the penalty shoot out... and England left the World Cup.

We continued with the BBQ... but I guess it would have been a different atmosphere if England had won. Everyone just sat around either trying not to talk about the football...

Many England fans will stop watching the World Cup now... I'll be continuing as this is the only dosage of football that I'll get until the start of the Premiership!