Monday, June 12, 2006

Yellow Card, Red Card, Debit Card, Bloody Heat!!

The yellow card has been given to a few players for the last few games in the World Cup. England got 2 for the fouls committed by Steven Gerrard and Peter Crouch. Have to admit that the decisions were harsh. Gerrard didn't even touch the Praguayan (Praguayish?) player!

I have to admit though the game was a bit boring... almost like watching one of the England friendly matches. Should have gone to IKEA. Bet it was so empty I could actually move around in there!

As for red card. I don't think there's one yet! Although the World Cup is usually on my TV, I have to admit that I don't really concentrate on it. Got other important things to do like...

Sunday, I did decide to go and do a bit of grocery shopping in Asda. Took my cash card with me and walked towards Clapham Junction. It was a hot day!!! 30C!!!

People keep saying that I must be so used to this weather and loving it. I was like... errrrr... I've been in this country for about 14 years and I'm not that used to this heat anymore! I'd rather have a pleasant 24C all year through. Even when I'm in Malaysia, most of the time I'd be in my mom's room because it is airconditioned. And if I go anywhere, I make sure that at the end of the journey, it's airconditioned. If I go gorcery with mom, it depends... if she goes to the market, I'll stay in the car with the aircondition on... if she decides on a nicely airconditioned supermarket, I'll push the trolley for her. The only place I don't mind going with no aircondition is the night market for obvious reasons. It's at night and it's then cooler to walk around the place.

After about 40 minutes of leisurely walk through Wandsworth Common and Northcote Road in the heat, I reached Asda. It's so nice and cool in there... but my goodness!!! The hoard of people in there!! I should have done my shopping during the England match!!

Got to the cash machine at Asda only to realise that I have no cash left in my account!! The woman who was there said that might as well use our debit card and get cash back in the supermarket.

I was thinking dammit!!! I haven't activated my account!!!

OK... Actually have £10 in my pocket and more somewhere else which I couldn't get my hands on at that precise moment in time. But I do still remember how it was...

I haven't had a debit or credit card for ages. At least 3 years now. Might as well be honest. I ran up quite a bit of debt. That was when my life was in a shambles and that's why I'm slowly rebuilding it again!

All my cards were destroyed! I cancelled my current accounts so I'll have no debit card or cheques that I might be able to use. I knew the only way for me to beat it is to go cash and no plastic.

But because I cancelled my current account and went into debt, banks just didn't want my business. I was stuck with my savings account which I still could access. It was hard... but it was good! Because of sheer determination, I now have a little savings, and on the weekend, for once since a long time, a bank accepted my application for a current account.

Sensible yati will be just fine.


Anonymous ayu said...

mmg die nk aircond je.ngade:P

6/13/2006 01:21:00 am  
Blogger yati said...

ayu - ni nak cuba suruh si jules beli aircond *wink* tapi dia cakap lagi baik beli BBQ bentuk bola sepak!

6/13/2006 09:46:00 am  
Anonymous sd said...

paraguayan* yati ;)

6/14/2006 10:23:00 am  

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