Saturday, June 17, 2006

Testing the Football BBQ

This week Jules decided to buy a BBQ. I've been asking Jules to do for ages!! You know what... after this weekend, I've discovered that he would do the things that I tell him to do... but only if I don't tell him! How I'm going to do that, I still have to figure that out!

Footie BBQWell... we got a BBQ now and in the spirit of the World Cup, he went for a football shaped BBQ! Men I tell you. Try to make your garden look elegant and then you have a football shaped BBQ in the middle of it! Elegance just will not happen in this household!

Now that we have a BBQ, time to test it out. Seb jumped to the opportunity of having free food, so when I told him about it Friday evening around 8pm (since Jules was on late shifts and came home around that time with coal and other boys' stuff for BBQ) he said he'll be over in half an hour!

Once he was here, the boys started preparing for the BBQ experiment feast! And the wait...

Burning the coal The wait
Felt a bit like campfire-ish... not that we started singing campfire songs and stuff as they did tell me to shut up when I said 'let's sing kumbaya'. I think it was just their manlihood that stopped them from wanting to sing that song... deep down inside, they wanted to! Campfire night
Seb the sausage burnerSeb as always, volunteered to be the chef! He's on of the people that I don't trust with fire... but since Jules is about to supervise I guess it would be fine.

Burn the sausagesSo, with Seb burning the sausages, it turned out to be a nice evening. We sat outside to have our BBQ food and the salad that I prepared. I cut some roses from the garden and put it on the table. Yes... I still managed to put some 'elegance' in the middle of the chaos!

Roses in the chaos


Blogger aycookie said...

i like the football thingy

6/18/2006 04:35:00 pm  
Blogger yati said...

the footie BBQ is cute and small but it did the job!

6/18/2006 07:24:00 pm  

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