Sunday, June 18, 2006

Sand the Decking, Honey Bees, Flag Flying High

This weekend has been a quite busy weekend. After days of nagging and not getting through to Jules, I decided to get Seb to do the sanding of the decking... of course I had to tempt him by saying there's ice cream here. That worked!

And of course by telling him that there was free food as we were going to test the BBQ (see last post) helped too!

Boys at workSurprise... surprise... like I told you on my last post that Jules doesn't like to be told what to do... We were still chilling out trying to get sleep out of our head in the morning and watching a re-run of the A-Team when suddenly Jules got up and started sanding!! I looked at Seb and wondered 'why did I bother to ask him when Jules was going to do it himself??!!

So, like the A-Team, we got our act together and worked on the decking and the garden furniture. Seb eating yoghurt and I brushed the oil on to the decking. OK... Seb and Jules alternate with each other doing the sanding.

I was sent to the hardware store to get the right size sand paper for the sanding and discovered that the football shaped BBQ we bought from Robert Dyas was sold in the hardware store for £30!!! Outrages!!! We got ours for £14.99. Bargain of the century I'd say!

We worked the whole morning sanding and oiling... and I even cleared up some weed in the garden. The end product was just so lovely!! Nice shiny decking and garden furniture

With all that done... had a shower... and Seb and I made our way to Asda for BBQ food shopping. Yes... now that the garden is nice and shiny, we decided to have another BBQ!

HeronI decided that we will walk as it is a nice day and because I was feeling fat and need to make myself feel good by doing something. I know we've been working hard the whole morning but I still felt that walking would do me good. We walked through Wandsworth Common and passed the lake. I pointed out the weird bird and asked Seb for the name. He said that he doesn't know it in English 'but it French it's called heron' he said in his French accent... that is... you don't pronounce the 'h' and stretch the 'r'... and I said 'Oh... HeRon'. Silly boy!

Honey BEEWalking down Northcote Road, there was a honey shop. My hayfever is pretty bad this year and I heard that local honey might help. You know... local pollen in the honey... boost the anti-body against it... or things to that effect. So, I bought the 'Wandsworth honey', as I am living in Wandsworth Borough, and a little honey jar. The honey jar has a bee stuck at the end of the dipper that goes with it! Of course I had to buy it!

With all the food. We took the bus home. The first thing that Jules could say was 'Did you get some coke?'... Charming. Why doesn't he get out of the flat and get some coke? Men. (Sorry about this part... this is just a rant because 2 seconds ago the phone rang while he was eating his food. I passed the phone to him as it was his brother at the other end and he said 'I have to train her better and get her not to pass the phone to me while I'm eating'... the cheek... train me when he's not willing to change his ways for me??!! Eff off comes to my mind)

With all the food ready... we sat outside and had another BBQ.

Group of friends
England flagIt was kind of funny in a way. We had the BBQ for the World Cup but none of us watched the World Cup yesterday as we were too busy sanding, clearing the garden, BBQ-ing, me baking a Marble cake and chatting... but the England flag is still flyin high...

For now...

I still hope that Togo will get to the knock out stage...


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