Wednesday, June 28, 2006

No Football??!! Tennis Anyone?

Football17:00hours on 9th June was the first kick off of the first match for the World Cup. Ever since that day, there was football everyday on TV! Life was wonderful...

Last night, France faced Spain for a spot for the quarter finals at 20:00hours and France played well and beat Spain... and then the final whistle blew...

I woke up this morning... and since I'm still recovering from man flu, I thought I'd do my ritual of switching the TV on in the afternoon for a footie match... that's when reality hits me... there won't be any football on TV for the next 2 days! OMG!!!

Tennis BallThere's the Wimbledon, I hear you say... but somehow, it's just not the same as football. There's just something about 22 men chasing a white ball and their fans singing their patriotic hearts out! Wimbledon... you just sit there and clap! Even cricket at the Oval is better! At least you share cans of beer around while you're watching cricket, shout out '4' or '6' and people get more excited on the stand compared to the tennis audience.

That's where it's wrong! They are an audience. You sit there and be really civilised! Like watching a play or an opera. What other sport do you just sit there and be civilised? Snooker? Golf? Hmmmmmmmmmmm... Give me rugby and football anytime! Or even cricket!

Well... it is going to end once the final match is played on 9th July. Then it will be the wait for the Premiereship season to begin.

In the mean time there's BBQ to think about!

Oh yes... England is playing this Saturday... and it's football BBQ time again!


Blogger Rrramone said...

Ok, you football freak. You can check out my blog to see your pic. :-)

6/29/2006 04:49:00 am  
Blogger yati said...

reply to rrramone:
*grin* *grin* *grin*
thank you
*grin* *grin* *grin*

6/29/2006 06:58:00 am  

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