Wednesday, May 31, 2006

What Should I Cook For Dinner/Tea Tonight?

Seb Being A Gay CookHalf hour left at work and I got a bit bored... and since Seb's been bombarding me with silly e-mails the whole day (some people are so lucky that they get paid for doing nothing in the office the whole day!!) I asked him what I should cook for dinner as he did send me some of his photos in his chef suit!! He said it was a team building thing he had to go to... Yeah... right... team building here usually means paintballing, bowling or cart racing! Cooking? You are so bent Seb! And you keep saying that cooking is for skirts!

Did he come up with any ideas? No! But he did send me some bloke's blog with that title... Of course that helps... NOT!

Yati's Special PieMaybe I should start a poll here on what I should cook for dinner! Somehow I think Jules would vote for pie each time!

Not that I'm complaining. It's not that hard to make but it just takes a long time!! And the amount of fat and cholesterol in it!!

But I do remember when the first few times I started making it. All I had to say was I'm cooking pie tonight and suddenly I find myself cooking for 5 at least!! It was kind of funny... make pie and they will come!

Nowadays, if I make pie, Jules tells me to keep it quiet! He does not want to share his portion, ever!

Actually I still have half a tray of pie left in the fridge... maybe I'll just heat it up. Like lasagne, it taste better the day after!! Hmmmmmmmmmmm.... pie...

Brilliant! I don't have to cook!!! Every good cook needs a day off sometimes...

But tonight is not the night...

And tonight is not a night for polls either... I've decided to make my bread... with sausages in spicy tomato sauce!

update 1st June 13:58
Jules' Mini KebabJules made mini kebabs with my dish and my bread!


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