Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Week Malaysians Invaded Covent Garden

I strolled over to Covent Garden at lunch time to go to Paperchase and get a card for Jules' dad because Jules, though wonderful he is in everyway, is rubbish like that. As I was approaching Covent Garden Market, I saw there were tents erected on the cobbled pavements outside the market area. I thought, Cool! Must be the farmer's market day. Think they do that once a month for the farmers to come with their local produce and set up shop. The honey, variety of cheese and other food stuff they bring on that day is totally yummy! I was in a way kicking myself for not bringing enough money! Just had enough for a card for Jules' dad and a certain something that I need to get from Tesco for Tiny as he'll be over later for radio on Oh... it's his birthday too! Dammit! I forgot to get him a card! He'll just have to be happy with the present I got him!

Anyway, when I got nearer, I saw the flags and the writing on the flags Malaysia Week Covent Garden 15th-22nd May 2006. Oh me gosh! The first thing that caught my eye was the satay stall... or at least the stall where they BBQ the satay. Mmmmmmmmmmmm... chicken satay. Still... DAMMIT! I didn't bring enough money!

Next to the satay stall was a stall that sells roti canai! And there's even a guy there making the roti canai! Look below how he flings the dough to make a thin layer of dough! He then put a bit of fat on the thin pastry and fold and flatten it. It is then cooked on a flat iron skillet. The roti canai has to be nice and fluffy in the inside and crispy on the outside! Dip it in a dhal curry sauce while the roti canai is still hot makes a brialliant breakfast or snack (lots of Malaysian food is just lovely as snacks)! If they put mince meat and onion inside the thin folded dough it's called murtabak... and boy... it's heaven!
Further down there was a stall that sells rugs, tudung saji (the cover that keeps flies off your food, I can't seem to remember the English word for it) and mostly arts and crafts from the state of Sarawak. Wish I had the talent to weave nice patterns out!Oh... and no Malaysia show will go by without the compulsory demonstration of joget (Malay dance). I only have my tiny camera with me so I couldn't get a zoom in picture of the stage. Note to self : need a camera with zoom capabilities. I didn't have much time or money this lunch time to walk around. But I will go back as there some sauces and coffee that I want to buy, and there are many more stalls that I want to have a look at. I need to drag someone over there with me! It's just weird walking around London, where I've been for more than 10 years, feeling like a tourist! If I have someone with me at least I myself in my little head will feel better. Security in numbers. So, who is volunteering to be my victim?


Anonymous Seb said...


5/17/2006 04:53:00 pm  
Blogger yati said...

errrr... any other volunteers? (please someone else say yes!) :-p

5/17/2006 06:08:00 pm  
Anonymous ayu said...

i would have said yes if ayu duduk kat sane..but im in malaysia.huhu.and surrounded by lots of roti canai stalls..hehe

5/18/2006 01:41:00 am  
Anonymous S_D said...

satay sticks!? mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

theyre the shizzle

i would volunteer but i'd probably end up offending everyone with random outbursts that i think sound like they would be in the malaysian language

5/18/2006 10:28:00 am  
Blogger yati said...

ayu - you don't know how lucky you are surrounded by all the lovely food!

s_d - i wouldn't be surprise if you offend them as i think your favourite malay word is monyet... followed by semut ;)

5/18/2006 11:45:00 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

teach them to say beruk!!


5/18/2006 01:36:00 pm  
Anonymous s_d said...

yati...anda jari lembu's

not sure if an s means i stuck an apostrophe in, so maybe it'd make sense...

so many words for 'you' aswell

5/18/2006 04:09:00 pm  
Blogger yati said...

ayu - don't encourage them!

s_d - in a funny way, i am impressed with your attempt... don't try it again! :p there's no plural in Malay. OK... if there's more then one - lembu-lembu. you double it, you don't put 's' at the end :p

5/19/2006 07:13:00 am  
Anonymous lyndt said...

first thing that came to mind when i saw your posting pasal covent garden was Bravissimo *chuckle*

must be that trip to lingerie shop last weekend lah..aisey! lucky you

5/19/2006 08:05:00 am  
Anonymous Nina said...

Yati, why don't you take Jules and Seb with you?

Reading your entry I really want to eat satay and roti canai ....And drink teh tarik...

But I will be able to enjoy all those yummy stuff soon :-)))

*jumping up and down!*

5/19/2006 08:19:00 am  
Blogger yati said...

lyndt - aku bawak ke hang masuk Bravissimo when you were here?

nina - i am sooooooooo jealous! When you're in Malaysia, don't forget to eat everything for me!

5/19/2006 09:54:00 am  
Anonymous lyndt said...

online babe..i was busy 'hilangkan' myself with Sofia around several wanted to ring up the cops if i didn't call, remember?
but, i might take you up on that if aku dtg lagi ..hehe

5/21/2006 01:12:00 pm  

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