Monday, May 08, 2006

Playing Housewife

I had a busy week last week at work and decided to take today, Monday, off... well I could have just turn up to work and cancel it today but since we had company over the weekend, I didn't have time to do my cleaning chores! The floor needs to be hoovered and mopped. The bathroom needs cleaning. The kitchen needs a wipe. The clothes need washing and ironing. So, I decided to stay at home and play housewife...

I woke up about an hour later than usual. Put the dishes in the dishwasher and chat with my sister online for a bit. Nothing important... just normal sibling banters. Then my day began. I started with ironing a couple of shirts for Jules, made him coffee and sat down for 5 minutes to watch the news. Hung up the laundry... got dressed and left the house with Jules and made my way to Sainsbury's as I wanted to get a muffin tin. Did a bit of shopping and made my way home. Think it's time for a cup of tea... ONLY to find out that we were out of tea!!! Why they don't tell me when they use the last bag I never know!! Shoes back on, out the door and head to the shop near by to get tea.

BACK! Tea in hand I decided to do the simple thing of arranging the flowers I bought when I was out the first time. Thought I should start it easy first... and in a way I'm glad I did. I love pretty flowers!!!!

That done, I cleaned up the kitchen and made some muffins... OK I cheated here. I bought a ready mix muffin and all I had to do was add egg and milk... BUT OH NO!! This is when i needed the 'undo' button! My eyes must have crossed when I was looking at the measurement for milk and put in more than I should!! DAMN!!! DAMN!!! DAMN!!! Oh well... into the tin and into the oven... and let see what happens.

Dust... dust... dust... Wipe... wipe... wipe... Check muffins... Hmmmmmmmmmmmm... Wipe... wipe... wipe... Check muffins... Still not sure... Let's do the stick a toothpick in the muffin game! OK... seems fine... so out they come!

I just hope that when I do muffins from scratch, following a recipe of course, next time... it won't be as traumatising as this... Note to self : THE UNDO BUTTON IS NOT WORKING! FIND A WAY TO FIX IT!

Hoover... hoover... hoover... Mop... mop... mop... Bathroom next. Then ironing. Then folding and putting away the washing. Then doing the expenses... OK I've had enough now! Tomorrow I'm going back to work!

2 more hours and I'm heading to the bar! Preston v Leeds... I know... I know... why bother since it's not Newcastle... who incidently beat Chelsea over the weekend! HAH! Take that Jose (in my Portugese accent)! For tonight, I'm watching footie because Jules is a Leeds supporter and I'm the ever supporting girl.


Anonymous ayu said...

aiyak...mesti umah besepah tu..tu kene kemas..ape ni sume gamba makanan..nk tunjok hebat reti buat ler tu:P
tau la org tak reti sgt masak..campak2 mkanan dlm kuali je bley

5/11/2006 05:50:00 am  
Anonymous ayu said...

kak ati ley buat cup cake,ayu bley buat a cup of maggi mee..ahahahah

5/11/2006 05:50:00 am  

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