Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Memberships, Registrations, No Comments

Last night I discovered that non-friendster members are not privileged to post up comments on my blog! HUMPF! I got a bit upset because I would love to hear... or read would be more appropriate... comments from my family and friends and total strange people. But alas this will not happen. I will keep on blogging but at the same time find another space to transfer my blog to, so that my fans could write in and let me know how much they adore me without having to register.

With that thought, I felt much better when I woke up this morning... UNTIL!! I discovered that the trapdoor to the basement is broken! And there's one other person living in the flat and he didn't tell me about it when it happened!! But that's another story!

p.s. The above was posted on my Friendster blog this morning... and now I've found this! So... HOORAY!! Now all I have to do is announce to my darling followers that they are now to shower me with praises!

all the p. and all the s.
I discover that there's no automatic photo album space on this blog!! Why oh why can't I just get what I want??!! It's never easy being a demanding little madame!


Anonymous ayu said... i can promote your blog dekat all my friends

5/11/2006 06:12:00 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alright Spaz. Love KB.

5/11/2006 09:26:00 am  
Blogger yati said...

YES... my plan to rule the world is in place... come my fellow citizens... tell me that you love me

ayu - dammit! i forgot what a little monster you can be! i am soooo proud of you!! you learnt well grasshopper!


5/11/2006 09:33:00 am  
Anonymous ayu said...

uhuh..someone else got the same name as mine!ayu-kb-ayol..heheh

5/11/2006 01:47:00 pm  
Blogger yati said...

ayu - that my dear is my work mate whom I usually call Spazmo. I'll sneak a photo of her here one day when I have a wonderful story to tell about her! I've got loads but not publishable!

5/12/2006 02:29:00 pm  

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