Sunday, May 21, 2006

Lordi Lord

It's that time of the year again when everyone around Europe is glued in front of their TV anticipating the greatest of the great quest, The Eurovision Song Contest!!! Where friends gather and have parties.

I myself has never had the urge to watch the ESC but this year was different. I actually was looking forward to it! It all stems from my root of loving rock music. Rock in Eurovision? I hear you ponder. YES! For once there is a rock group in ESC and of all countries, they came from Finland! They didn't got with those slow rock ballads, it was proper metal and mental! OK... not metal enough, this is the ESC but...

Lordi rocks! I woke up Friday morning to see them on BBC Breakfast News. I was thinking What the hell??!! Why is there a latex wearing rock group on the morning news??!! Well, apparently ESC has grown so big that they had to have a semi-finals before the final on Saturday night! So there was Lordi trying to qualify for the finals.

Lordi rocks so much that they won the ESC!!! They won with Hard Rock Hallelujah. And hallelujah indeed. It is refreshing!

You might say it's a bit gay (nothing against gays... they are cool) for a rock band to actually compete in ESC but think of the publicity that they get from this. They have my respect for having the guts to actually decide to enter ESC! It makes sense though... it is good marketing!

Somehow, I keep thinking that under all those latex they are just boring accountants. But they are not. Check out Lordi's site!!! They are actually huge in Finland... and I hope they'll be huge in Europe next and then the world!!! Mwah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...

I love it when a plan falls into place.


p.s. However, if Lordi hadn't won, the other country that had my vote was Lithuania! I mean, how can you deny an entry titled We are the Winners of Eurovision? It would have made a great football song! One has to admire their audacity to go on stage and actually make a statement on their belief of winning! And the eff you attitude of you might not vote for us but we know that we ARE the winners is just... hats off to you!! Lithuania, unfortunately, came 6th which made me think that voting was rigged!


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