Wednesday, May 31, 2006

What Should I Cook For Dinner/Tea Tonight?

Seb Being A Gay CookHalf hour left at work and I got a bit bored... and since Seb's been bombarding me with silly e-mails the whole day (some people are so lucky that they get paid for doing nothing in the office the whole day!!) I asked him what I should cook for dinner as he did send me some of his photos in his chef suit!! He said it was a team building thing he had to go to... Yeah... right... team building here usually means paintballing, bowling or cart racing! Cooking? You are so bent Seb! And you keep saying that cooking is for skirts!

Did he come up with any ideas? No! But he did send me some bloke's blog with that title... Of course that helps... NOT!

Yati's Special PieMaybe I should start a poll here on what I should cook for dinner! Somehow I think Jules would vote for pie each time!

Not that I'm complaining. It's not that hard to make but it just takes a long time!! And the amount of fat and cholesterol in it!!

But I do remember when the first few times I started making it. All I had to say was I'm cooking pie tonight and suddenly I find myself cooking for 5 at least!! It was kind of funny... make pie and they will come!

Nowadays, if I make pie, Jules tells me to keep it quiet! He does not want to share his portion, ever!

Actually I still have half a tray of pie left in the fridge... maybe I'll just heat it up. Like lasagne, it taste better the day after!! Hmmmmmmmmmmm.... pie...

Brilliant! I don't have to cook!!! Every good cook needs a day off sometimes...

But tonight is not the night...

And tonight is not a night for polls either... I've decided to make my bread... with sausages in spicy tomato sauce!

update 1st June 13:58
Jules' Mini KebabJules made mini kebabs with my dish and my bread!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Succumbed I Did!

After resisting for so long, yesterday, I finally succumbed to having a space in

I really do not see the point of having a space there. My friends all know my blog address. If they want to contact me or leave any comment and tell me how much they adore me, they can do it here!

Here is where I am and here is where I've been happy writing my nonsense down for the last... errrr... 3 weeks!

It's only been 3 weeks??!!! It has felt like forever!!! Mind you... I have been writing things down the old fashion way of pen and paper or drawing my feelings on anything that I find. Not that my drawings are any good! And most of the time it's on post-it notes at work or a piece of tissue, so I keep throwing them away!!

Just imagine if I ever become a famous artist (in my little head I've become a famous artist a million times if not more!) those scraps of paper and tissues that I threw away would be worth a lot of money!! But then... I'd probably be dead as that's when the art work usually get sought after!

OK... so the Brit Art brats like Damien Hirst and Tracey Emins are still well and alive and earning loads for what they call art... But to me... even though I appreciate what they are trying to achieve, I'm the traditional artist... a painter with her tube of paints, brush and canvas.

I think it is time for me to appreciate my work and actually finish most of the paintings that I've started, take their photos and display them here. I should really be proud of them... the way that I'm proud of my copy of Lisa Simpson Scream. I know that my painting will never going to be good enough to be next to a Mattisse or a Rothko... but it's good enough to be on my wall!

I will start taking photos of my finished art work now that I have a shiny new Sony digital camera courtesy of Jules, even though I wanted the Pentax camera where you could take it down to 1.5 meters of water... and thanks to Jules, everybody in PC World in Colliers Wood now knows that I can't swim! Let me tell you this... I can swim!! Only I need my snorkelling and scuba diving gear! BUT I CAN SWIM!

So... back to what I wanted to talk about.

If I could do everything here, why would I want a space in myspace? As I said on my blurb on myspace, the only reason I did that is so I could leave comments on my sister's blog as I have to be a member and approved by my sister. What are you waiting for sister??!! Add me as your friend so I could bombard you with more useless information!

Oh... if you are a Martian and you have myspace, please add me as your friend! *grin* So far I've only got Martian imposters and that includes Seb!

update at 13:50hours:
I just received a message from my sister saying that she can't seem to be able to add me on myspace! I've been trying to add her since last night and couldn't! My conclusion... myspace is gay! (again... I stress I have nothing against gays as some of my good friends are gay... and that includes Seb!)

update at 14:29hours:
At last!!! After so many attempts... trying to find different routes and ways... my sister and I managed to add each other on myspace!! I'll be happily commenting on her blog from now on!!

Hope the Martians won't have any problems adding me...

OK... back to work! HUMPF!!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

There's No Meat In Muffins

I bought bananas yesterday. I haven't eaten bananas for a really long time. I keep reading or being told about how good banana is for me and how it fills up the tummy. So I had one and... YUCK!!! It taste nothing like the pisang emas (golden bananas) in Malaysia. Actually it taste horrible! I really don't understand those people who buys green bananas! I chose the yellowest of the bunch and it still taste raw to me! YUCK YUCK YUCKITY YUCK!!!

Woke up this morning and saw the bunch of bananas sitting on the kitchen top. What am I to do with you? I asked myself. That's when I remembered that Nina made banana and strawberry muffins. So I went onto Joy of Baking website and looked for banana muffins recipe. And there was the recipe and it looks easy enough. The only thing that I don't have is white chocolate but I guess I could change it to dark chocolate. I mean cooking and baking is about experimenting.

It would be nice to have hot muffins with coffee for breakfast! So I thought. Jules came into the kitchen when I almost finished with my mixing and asked me what I was up to. When I told him I was making muffins for breakfast, he said "There's not meat in muffins!!" and I guess I know what that means! So when this came out of the oven...

I made this, sausages, scrambled eggs and macaroni cheese, for Jules...

and look at how happy he is!I guess all the muffins are mine!!! Love it!

Friday, May 26, 2006

I Haven't Read Enough

Jules is busy playing Xbox online with some mates. Ghost Recon. For the first time tonight I joined in for a game... and gave up after half hour because they kept shooting me!! I'm not going to learn the game if everytime I get into the game someone is stood behind me with his gun pointed at my head! I thought the purpose of the game was to shoot the enemies...

Nevermind... I decided to pick up a book instead. When I was in Malaysia last November my brother lent me some of his books and I haven't read one of them which is All She Was Worth by Miyuki Miyabe.

I just opened the book when I thought about my sister. On her site under favourite books she said that she agrees with a friend of hers who said that those who says that they have a favourite book they haven't read enough...

I've been reading books ever since I could remember... and following her friend's philosophy, I haven't read enough as I put Fup and Kafka on the Shores as my favourite books under my profile.

In my 34 years of life, I have 2 books I hold close to my heart. Does that mean I haven't read enough?

Those 2 books... the fact that I love them so much is because the characters in the books touched my heart. Fup, Grandaddy Jake, Tiny (Fup) and Nakata (Kafka on the Shores) touched my heart tremendously. Their simplicity, their craziness, their kindness gives me hope in humanity. No matter how crazy life is within and around them, they deal with it in their own crazy, thoughtful and determined pace. Basically, each and every character is different yet the same... and I feel connected to them. Maybe reading them makes me feel it's OK to be the way that I am.

If in my 34 years I have 2 favourite books and I haven't read enough, I feel blessed because there are many more books for me to read and maybe... just maybe I'll be lucky enough to find book number 3.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Kofte Kebab, Bread and a Blast from the Past

Oh yes... I'm posting (and boasting) about my cooking skills again! I'm such a good cook, my mom would be so proud of me if she knew! Well... I never really cook for her. When I'm back at her place in Malaysia, she is the Queen of the Kitchen! She'll start cooking first thing in the morning... OK... not the first thing. She'll get up like weird hours of 4am or 5am. Pray... well, somebody has to pray for my wellbeing... and then she cooks breakfast! Followed by lunch and dinner... and snacks in the middle! And if she doesn't cook, I'll just take her out for food or get a take-away! It's just so cheap for me to eat out with her that I don't bother to cook when I'm in Malaysia.

OK... lame excuse I hear you say. But when I'm in Malaysia, I'm using up 2 weeks of work annual leave! I deserve to relax a bit! I do do my bit of work. Like when the sky decides to open, because when it rains in Malaysia, trust me, it rains! Mom would scream at us kids (who are not kids anymore) to go and get the washing off the line! I wonder why we bother. By the time we and the washing get in the house, the washing is soaked and so are we! I love my annual visits!

Anyway... Last night (Wednesday) I decided to make kofte kebab for dinner (or tea if you're from up north... of England that is). I got a bit tired of making the same thing with mince meat. It would either be bolognese sauce, chilli, meatball, burger or yati's special pie! OK... Jules been asking me for the pie again. I haven't made it for ages! I'll make it soon... promise!

So I thought it would be a good idea to make kofte kebabs. Who cares if I don't have all the ingredients. I've got the mince which is the most important ingredient and all I have to do is shape it into sausage shapes and stick them on bamboo skewers. Easy! I love easy food. But before preparing the kofte, I should prepare the bread first! It will take time for it to rise!

I still buy sliced bread but sometimes is just nice to have nice hot bread... mmmmmmm... fresh from the oven. All that's required are flour and yeast and a bit of milk and some muscle to knead the dough! That's it! I decided to chuck some thyme and chopped garlic in it too. I can smell the garlic. Yummmmmmm... Now I'll just have to wait for the lump to grow.

Why isn't it growing? Grow lump grow!! Was the water not warm enough? Maybe the yeast doesn't like garlic or thyme or both!!! OH NO!! OK... relax... let's just start on the koftes.

Let's see what I have in the kitchen... garlic, ground cinnamon, thyme, paprika powder, salt, olive oil, lemon juice, ground pepper... that will do. Mix it all up... put it on skewers. Yes... koftes to rival all the kebab houses in Tooting!

And will you look at that... the dough did rise to 3 times its original size!!! And I was worried for nothing!

Oooooo... Jules radio show is almost finishing. He DJ you see on every Wednesdays from 20:00-22:00 with MC Tiny! OK enough plugging... I've got the chutney-ish sauce to make!
Another of my experiments! I love it when I just have to improvise! Chopped a red onion... can of chopped tomatoes... oooooooooooo pickled gherkins, chop, chop, chop... pepper, salt, sugar, balsamic vinegar, sour cream... viola!

As I was making dinner/tea I was looking at Miss J's blog... I should call her Mrs J as she is a married woman now! I came across her photo and thought she looks just like Miss J my room mate when I was in college in Malaysia. I kept scrolling looking for more photos and kept thinking it must be her, but I wasn't sure... until I got to the photo of her lying on her tummy and I was like YES THAT IS THE MISS J THAT I KNOW!!!

I know... how could I recognise her when she's lying on her tummy but have doubts when I was looking at her face?

When we were room mates, I occupy the top bunk. Everytime I wanted to speak to her when we were in our respective beds, I'd look down and that was how she lies down. Always on her tummy! While she was sleeping or reading a book or munching some snacks! And in the picture, the position was spot on! Faces and bodies change but I think body habits doesn't!

With that confirmation in mind, I e-mailed her and she replied!! The reason I'm writing in here first before replying to her e-mail is because I'm so gobsmacked! After all these years... probably almost 15 years... I found her again! Plus I didn't expect her to reply so quickly! I thought she might have jetted off for her honeymoon as she just got hitched!

Congratulations girl!! Congratulations to Mrs and Mr J!

That was my blast from the past...

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I'm a Little Bee

I didn't make my way to work until 11am!! Lucky me!! Well, I did have a doctor's appointment. I need drugs!!! Give me drugs!!! And the doctor gave me a perscription!! YEAY!!! And so he should because my hay fever is worse than ever this year!! I wake up at around 2am sneezing for 5 minutes! And it's hard to fall asleep again! All I want is to sleep the night through without having to sneeze! Hopefully this drug will work! I wonder how much it will cost... I hope not an arm and a leg! Hmmmm.... how much do I have left in the bank!! I better tell Jules I need some money. *grin* It is for his well being too! *grin*

I always have my ipod with me when I go out ever since Jules gave it to me for my birthday. It is my new best friend! Plus there's a slot in the case (Jules got me a pink case to go with my ipod... I chose the colour as protection against boy theiving the case) for my oyster card (travel card for bus and tube)! So if I want to travel, I better not forget my ipod!

Sitting in the tube, just staring at things... there's not much to stare at in the tube. After reading the same advertisment for the thousandth time, you can start composing jingles in your head! I was staring because it was too late to get a copy of the Metro. They tend to disappear around 9am!

Whilst counting the lines on my hand... and losing count and having to start again, suddenly my ipod decided to play a tune that I haven't heard for a long time. MY TUNE!!

It's a Red Hot Chilli Pepper song but I doubt many people took notice of it. It's called Pea and I swear the first time I heard it I thought he said Bee... so it has to be my song. Have a look at the first verse:

I'm a little pea (bee)
I like the sky and the tree

Sweet or what? Bet you're thinking now way this is a RHCP song. Trust me it is...

I'm a teeny tiny little ant
Checking out this and that

Well... as ants do

I am nothing
So you have nothing to hide

And I'm a pacifist
So I can fuck you shit up

Oh yes... now you say... this sounds more like RHCP

Oh yeah.... I'm small
Oh yeah.... I'm small

Yup... everyone keep saying how small I am and how I argued that in Malaysia I am tall!!!

Fuck you asshole
You homophobic redneck dick
You're big and tough and macho
You can kick my ass

And I do get that all the time. People taking advantage of my niceness and kick me right down to repay me.

So fucking what
So fucking what

Exactly... I get up. Dust myself. And move on.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Beware of Monster

These past few days has been horrible! My hormones have gone crazier than me, that is not funny! There's always talk about PMT and I've never really taken notice of it. I know that I do get mood swings but this time it's bad!

Bless Jules. He's been very patient with me. I pick arguments with him for no reason at all and all he does is to tell me to go away instead of really telling me what he thinks... that I'm being a nasty bitch. And I am nasty! I try to control it and even tell myself that when I feel things are getting out of control but the more I do that, the more this little monster in me throws a tantrum and all of a sudden I become unreasonable! Seriously, do not even try to reason with me at the moment because I'm right and you're wrong... even though I know that SOMETIMES it's the other way round.

I think it's time to call the doctor and make an appointment before things get worse.

Worse still, I'm losing a friend. I guess the saying is true that you can't really be friends with your workmates. We tried but it's just not happening. I guess I'll just have to say goodbye to us being friends and hello to us being colleagues. It was fun but due to the situation that we are on now, we can't have the same fun anymore. We are not in the same level anymore, are we? You're one step up from me. I didn't like it when we were told about this. Not that I wasn't happy for you. It's just that I knew it would be hard for us to maintain the way we are with each other. I knew it will never be the same again. And sure enough, I find that keep check of myself when I'm in front of you and when we go out for drinks... and that's not how friends are. I'm going to miss you... and who knows... maybe one day we can be friends again.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Update to Hates

Jules say that as a responsible adult, he does not hate everybody... He doesn't mean it.

Best of luck to Watford to the Premiereship...


Leeds lost the play offs to the Premiership today to Watford.

Julian hates you. Julian hates me. Julian hates the world. Julian hates everybody.

He told me to put this on my blog and here it is.

Lordi Lord

It's that time of the year again when everyone around Europe is glued in front of their TV anticipating the greatest of the great quest, The Eurovision Song Contest!!! Where friends gather and have parties.

I myself has never had the urge to watch the ESC but this year was different. I actually was looking forward to it! It all stems from my root of loving rock music. Rock in Eurovision? I hear you ponder. YES! For once there is a rock group in ESC and of all countries, they came from Finland! They didn't got with those slow rock ballads, it was proper metal and mental! OK... not metal enough, this is the ESC but...

Lordi rocks! I woke up Friday morning to see them on BBC Breakfast News. I was thinking What the hell??!! Why is there a latex wearing rock group on the morning news??!! Well, apparently ESC has grown so big that they had to have a semi-finals before the final on Saturday night! So there was Lordi trying to qualify for the finals.

Lordi rocks so much that they won the ESC!!! They won with Hard Rock Hallelujah. And hallelujah indeed. It is refreshing!

You might say it's a bit gay (nothing against gays... they are cool) for a rock band to actually compete in ESC but think of the publicity that they get from this. They have my respect for having the guts to actually decide to enter ESC! It makes sense though... it is good marketing!

Somehow, I keep thinking that under all those latex they are just boring accountants. But they are not. Check out Lordi's site!!! They are actually huge in Finland... and I hope they'll be huge in Europe next and then the world!!! Mwah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...

I love it when a plan falls into place.


p.s. However, if Lordi hadn't won, the other country that had my vote was Lithuania! I mean, how can you deny an entry titled We are the Winners of Eurovision? It would have made a great football song! One has to admire their audacity to go on stage and actually make a statement on their belief of winning! And the eff you attitude of you might not vote for us but we know that we ARE the winners is just... hats off to you!! Lithuania, unfortunately, came 6th which made me think that voting was rigged!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Podgy Piranhas

On my way to work this morning, I did my usual routine of picking up a Metro paper when I got to the tube station. It is a free newspaper that is left in tube and train stations for commuters. I think it's pretty cool because I don't want to pay for bad news as I really don't like to know how bad the state of the world is today but still want to be in the loop (if you know what I mean), and Metro gives me just the right dosage for that.

Flip through the boring bits on politics and how 5 illegal immigrants manage to get cleaning jobs in the Home Office... blah blah blah... ooooooooooooooo... what's this incy wincy little story right at the bottom of page 4?

A shoal of podgy piranhas has been put on a strict diet. Half-portions are now being served to the insatiable predators at Birmingham's Sea Life Centre after they become overweight in just one month. The fish are capable of devouring a whole pig in minutes and can literally eat themselves to death said the centre's Lynsey Thompson. In the wild the fish can go for days without food so being fed every day with chunks of trout and prawns made them too plump. 'We'll make sure they slim down,' she added.

I thought, hmmmmmmmmmmm... interesting. Here's my question: when do you use shoal and when do you use school? Anybody has any clues on this? I decided to consult the know all Wikipedia and it says:

Shoal (or school) is the collective noun for fish. Animal behaviourists use the term "shoal" for any group of fish, including mixed-species groups, reserving "school" for more closely knit groups of the same species swimming in a highly synchronized and polarized manner.

OK... so basically it is saying there is no difference only preference. Is this true? Anybody wants to form an opinion? Answer on a post card... or at least on a post comment!! Ha ha ha... I can be so funny sometimes. OK, stop it! You're scaring me, myself and I now!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Would Winnie Be Proud of Me?

Yesterday was Tiny's birthday! Are you eligible to a free bus pass and a subsidised zimmerframe from the NHS yet? Anyway, I bought him the best present ever! And he loved it!! How did I know. Well... right after I took the picture of him and his present, he ran off with it to the basement to hide it from Kaz! Sorry girl, you're not getting his... yup as in the photo... melon!

It was Tiny's birthday and I baked a cake... but not for Tiny. It was for Jules. Since I started baking cakes, Jules has been upset with me. He said I'm cooking for everyone else now but him and where's his pie! It made me feel like I was ignoring him! And I think in my baking enthusiasm, I did in a way ignore him...

We had a chat Tuesday evening... and he mentioned (again) that his favourite cake is Cherry Madiera Cake. He told me that when he was a kid, there was this woman called Winnie who baked Cherry Madeira Cake for him every time she found out that he was on his way home for school holidays (Jules' was in boarding school). Winnie never forgets to bake him a Cherry Madiera Cake. Winnie, I hope I've done you proud.
And Jules... I am sorry that I didn't bake your cake first.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Week Malaysians Invaded Covent Garden

I strolled over to Covent Garden at lunch time to go to Paperchase and get a card for Jules' dad because Jules, though wonderful he is in everyway, is rubbish like that. As I was approaching Covent Garden Market, I saw there were tents erected on the cobbled pavements outside the market area. I thought, Cool! Must be the farmer's market day. Think they do that once a month for the farmers to come with their local produce and set up shop. The honey, variety of cheese and other food stuff they bring on that day is totally yummy! I was in a way kicking myself for not bringing enough money! Just had enough for a card for Jules' dad and a certain something that I need to get from Tesco for Tiny as he'll be over later for radio on Oh... it's his birthday too! Dammit! I forgot to get him a card! He'll just have to be happy with the present I got him!

Anyway, when I got nearer, I saw the flags and the writing on the flags Malaysia Week Covent Garden 15th-22nd May 2006. Oh me gosh! The first thing that caught my eye was the satay stall... or at least the stall where they BBQ the satay. Mmmmmmmmmmmm... chicken satay. Still... DAMMIT! I didn't bring enough money!

Next to the satay stall was a stall that sells roti canai! And there's even a guy there making the roti canai! Look below how he flings the dough to make a thin layer of dough! He then put a bit of fat on the thin pastry and fold and flatten it. It is then cooked on a flat iron skillet. The roti canai has to be nice and fluffy in the inside and crispy on the outside! Dip it in a dhal curry sauce while the roti canai is still hot makes a brialliant breakfast or snack (lots of Malaysian food is just lovely as snacks)! If they put mince meat and onion inside the thin folded dough it's called murtabak... and boy... it's heaven!
Further down there was a stall that sells rugs, tudung saji (the cover that keeps flies off your food, I can't seem to remember the English word for it) and mostly arts and crafts from the state of Sarawak. Wish I had the talent to weave nice patterns out!Oh... and no Malaysia show will go by without the compulsory demonstration of joget (Malay dance). I only have my tiny camera with me so I couldn't get a zoom in picture of the stage. Note to self : need a camera with zoom capabilities. I didn't have much time or money this lunch time to walk around. But I will go back as there some sauces and coffee that I want to buy, and there are many more stalls that I want to have a look at. I need to drag someone over there with me! It's just weird walking around London, where I've been for more than 10 years, feeling like a tourist! If I have someone with me at least I myself in my little head will feel better. Security in numbers. So, who is volunteering to be my victim?

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Operation 'Happy Birthday Action Man'

Today I'm paying tribute to the best action figure in the world! ACTION MAN!! I left a post on about Action Man and I consider them important enough to be up on my blog.

I never really owned an Action Man. I never really owned a Barbie Doll either. I don't know why but mom never bought me a Barbie Doll. I had teddy bears and raggedy Annes and all other dolls but not Barbie Doll. I don't mind it really. I didn't really like the blonde bimbo.

So I spent my time at my neighbours place playing with his Action Man figures. They performed death defying stunts that no Barbie Doll would able to do! We went to battles with Romans and invaded Mars. Action Man let our imagination go wild and I bet if we wrote any of our adventures down and sell them to Hollywood, Action Man would be a blockbuster star by now.

But that's not what Action Man is about. They are not here for the fame. When I was playing with them, they were there to serve me and my country. And that they did.

I have to stress that they should not be confused with the American GI Joe even though Action Man were based on them. Action Man has gained recognition and respect on their own right and merit. Action Man is all British.

The first Action Man was born today in 1966. Making him a ripe 40 years of age! I salute you!

An Ode to the Guru of Telur Masak Kicap - Nina

Nina made the much loved Telur Masak Kicap (Fried Egg in Soy Sauce) last night and put it up in her blog. She then set me a challenge : to cook her special dish of Telur Masak Kicap, which was mentioned in my first ever blog! Well... I was a bit apprehensive. No way can I make the dish any better!! But a promise is a promise...

I had breathing problem this morning and went into panic mode when I couldn't find my inhaler! So I thought I'd better stay home as I don't want it to move to a full blown asthma attack! I told Jules about misplacing my inhaler... he said that the inhaler thing is a bit ironic. It's suppose to help me but I also go panicky when I can't find my inhaler, and breathing problem gets worse when I panic! Weird! I guess it's like me and swimming. I can go snorkeling and scuba diving, and because I have the gear on me, I swim like a fish! Take all the gear off, I'll panic and will start splashing around screaming I'M DROWNING!

Anyway, even though I'm not well, I still have to eat. So, come lunch time I thought, OK, I'll make some Telur Masak Kicap. Started frying the egg, chopping the garlic, onion, ginger... that's when I discovered... I DON'T HAVE CHILLI! Oh well... time to improvise! I've got a bit of this garlic & chilli paste. I bang that in.

It doesn't really matter does it? As long as it tastes nice!! Hmmmmmmm.... I really couldn't wait for it! Nina, look below... I hope I've done you proud!

Now, all I have to do is eat it! YUM YUM!! I am in heaven! I think I put too much air asam jawa but it is still yummy! I had one... and I had another one... hmmmmm should I finish them up?

OK... I'll be nice and keep the rest for Jules' dinner tonight. But somehow, I don't think he'll appreciate this dish as much as a Malaysian!

Sunday, May 14, 2006


I'm drinking from my new mug! I saw it when I went to Sainsbury's in Colliers Wood and just had to have it! It's just too cute! It's sure to put a smile on my face every morning when I have my first cup of coffee of the day! Not a bad way to start the day... at least I'll be smiling on my way to work. Come to think of it maybe I should get one for work too! But I have my penguin at work to cheer me up!

The mug reminded me of Fup. And sometime last week in chat on, someone started talking about books and since the mug was next to me, I had to ask whether anyone has ever read Fup. Of course everybody went all confused. I love that book! And the way that I explained it to everyone is that it's a book about a duck. A fat duck. A fat duck who likes beer.

OK.. It's not just about Fup the duck. There's Grandaddy Jake and his grandson Tiny (who is not tiny but HUGE). Tiny loves building fences and one day, while building fences, he found a baby duck. He brought it home and Grandaddy Jake named her Fup.

Apart from liking beer, Fup helps Tiny building the fences and if I'm not mistaken she hunts with Tiny over the weekends. I think I will need to read it again. It was about 8 or 9 years ago when I read it.

But I do remember loving it as it is just a wonderful book which made me laugh and very touching... especially when Grandaddy Jake tried to teach Fup to fly. It's one of those books that stays in my heart. Buy it, borrow it, steal it (though I don't condone the stealing bit)... and read it!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Dolphins Are Gay Sharks

I wished that I had come up with that caption! I was in Camden market once and found a stall that promotes their dislike and distrust towards dolphins! It is the best way of explaining how I feel towards dolphins. Some people think that I hate dolphins. I don't hate them, I just don't like them and I don't trust them either! So of course I bought the shirt and he gave me a badge to go with it! Right on brother!

'But they are soooooooooooooo cute' I hear you say. My response to that will be 'So??!!' I don't like clowns, therefore, I don't like dolphins! I'm sorry... they smile too much... NO! They smirk actually! I don't trust people who smile too much... so, since dolphins smirk all the time, no way am I going to put my trust in them!!

I saw a programme on TV not long ago called 'The Dark World of Dolphins' or something like that. Watching it made me feel that I was right all along! Sure they look 'cute' but they are nothing but gay orgy loving calf killing peadophiles! Was that a bit too harsh? Well, that's my opinion and I think I have the right to voice it. People don't want to believe that cute things can do bad things. When we think of paedophiles, we think of creepy old perverts. 2 times out of 5, I bet they are not!

Trust dolphins? No way. Now with sharks... what you see is what you get!

I was watching a programme on sharks this afternoon. Well, it was last week's programme, but TV can be so cool sometimes and I can watch some week old programme and pause and forward whenever I want to! Brilliant! Skip all the advertisements!

The programme was called 'Perfect Shark'. I have to admit I wouldn't want to swim with them but I love them and am very fascinated by them. It talks a bit about the Great White shark, the bull shark, the whale shark, the basking shark, the hammerhead shark... It wasn't the best programme on sharks that I've seen but still it's just wonderful watching these amazing creatures.

I do believe that the Great White has been given so much bad publicity, especially due to the blockbuster 70's movie, 'Jaws'. In contrast to people's belief, it is the bull shark that attacks human the most and NOT the Great White. Even so, I don't blame the bull shark for attacking humans. Although they have great eyesight, they can still misjudge a shadow of a surfer to a seal. Easy mistake to make... I mistook a big woman swimming meters above me in the sea while I was scuba diving for a turtle!

And, what gets me is, when there's a shark attack, they will hunt the shark down and kill it!!! Excuse me... we kill more living things in the world, do we get hunted for this? We are encroaching into the unknown world of the deep blue where the shark is the main predator like we are the main predator of the dry land. When I visit another country, I always respect the rule of that country... Do we respect the sea? I have my doubts...

I had a good think this morning (Sunday 14th May) and I have to admit, there is a type of dolphin that I like. They are called the orca or commonly known as the Killer Whale. They still have a tiny smirk... but they don't pretend to be cute... unless they're in captivity and/or the star of a movie.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Selipar Jepun

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... Selipar Jepun. Must be one of the most comfortable and practical things in the world! Any Malaysian must understand what I mean by this. Selipar Jepun, loosely translated, is Japanese slippers... or more commonly known as flip-flops. Why on earth am I writing about flip-flops? Do I have to justify myself?

Well... a couple of days ago, I was getting ready for work. I have a pair of flip-flops which I use around the flat. So I put them on and pottered about around the flat. Switched on the news and sat back and relaxed with my cup of coffee. That's when I noticed the time! Damn! I'm late! Well... it was 07:33BST. Let me explain why the sudden panic.

Here, in London, when you're commuting, timing is essential if you want a seat in the tube. I've discovered if I leave at 07:30BST, I always get a seat in the tube. Anytime later than that... not a chance in hell or heaven or earth, unless you're pregnant or of a certain age (I didn't want to say old). This is an incentive for me to get fat as people do sometimes get confused between a pregnant lady and a fat bird. Don't say that I'm mean! It happens!

Anyway, half way down the road I realised that I still had my flip-flops on! I was in two minds whether to keep on going or go back and change. I decided to just keep on going. I mean, flip-flops are fashion accessories now... and working where I am, I can get away with it!

The thing is, in Malaysia, wearing flip-flops to go out of the house is the norm. Everybody in Malaysia has a pair of flip-flops. They are not used as a fashion thing. They are used because they are comfortable, practical and cheap. Well, they used to be cheap! I remember them being sold at the night market for RM1 (that's Ringgit Malaysia) for 5 pairs! They were not really in funky colours like you get them now. They were usually blue... and sometimes when you're lucky, they have colourful spots on them. But then you can't really see the design once you've put your feet in them. 5 pairs and the whole family was sorted and of course a pair for the bathroom!

Now they've become very fashionable and the prices has shot up! I think the cheapest you could get from the night market is RM5 for a pair! Outrages! And I only wanted a pair for my mom's bathroom as the ones she had has snapped... this was when I was back in Malaysia last November.

So, I was happy enough just wearing my flip-flops that day... and yesterday (I took a photo of my feet in my flip-flops under my desk). It felt like home.

The only thing is I can't wear that pair in the flat anymore. I don't know about everyone else but I just find wearing the same footwear that are used for outside indoors pretty dirty. But not to worry, I've come prepared! I've got another pair!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Memberships, Registrations, No Comments

Last night I discovered that non-friendster members are not privileged to post up comments on my blog! HUMPF! I got a bit upset because I would love to hear... or read would be more appropriate... comments from my family and friends and total strange people. But alas this will not happen. I will keep on blogging but at the same time find another space to transfer my blog to, so that my fans could write in and let me know how much they adore me without having to register.

With that thought, I felt much better when I woke up this morning... UNTIL!! I discovered that the trapdoor to the basement is broken! And there's one other person living in the flat and he didn't tell me about it when it happened!! But that's another story!

p.s. The above was posted on my Friendster blog this morning... and now I've found this! So... HOORAY!! Now all I have to do is announce to my darling followers that they are now to shower me with praises!

all the p. and all the s.
I discover that there's no automatic photo album space on this blog!! Why oh why can't I just get what I want??!! It's never easy being a demanding little madame!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Mind Your Language

Resting the roast and putting in the Yorkshire puddings in the oven, I picked up yesterday's Sun paper and have a quick flick through. It is fine to read yesterday's or last week's Sun paper as I don't take it seriously. I only read it for comedy value. The gossips and Dear Diedre (Agony Aunt) column just makes me laugh! I really don't understand those people who actually take this paper seriously!

Anyway, yesterday when I picked up the paper for the first time, I came to a headline which i read to Jules - '3 year olds can be racist'. When I saw the headline I thought 'Oh dear'. When I read it out to Jules, he was furious and said 'That's out of order!' I was like, damn right it is! Then he continued 'It is well out of order that they, 3 year olds, can be racist and I can't!'

Wait a minute!!! What??!! He told me to read the headline again. Hmmmmmm... word play, huh? I know the editor did not mean it that way but the way it's written could mean that 3 year olds are allowed to be racist! I know it's not a laughing matter... and I really don't want to go on about it either! But think about the language usage...

I think too many times we say something and it's taken out of context. It is really difficult this day and age as you have to be extra careful about what you say and how you say it! Everything could be misconstrued. Everytime I say something, everytime I write something, it's short and to the point. Basically I do that to cover my big fat arse!

So, if I sit quietly in a crowd, not saying a word... it's not because I'm shy or have nothing to say... it's just that I don't want to get into trouble so I better shut up now!
Dinner's ready...

Monday, May 08, 2006

Playing Housewife

I had a busy week last week at work and decided to take today, Monday, off... well I could have just turn up to work and cancel it today but since we had company over the weekend, I didn't have time to do my cleaning chores! The floor needs to be hoovered and mopped. The bathroom needs cleaning. The kitchen needs a wipe. The clothes need washing and ironing. So, I decided to stay at home and play housewife...

I woke up about an hour later than usual. Put the dishes in the dishwasher and chat with my sister online for a bit. Nothing important... just normal sibling banters. Then my day began. I started with ironing a couple of shirts for Jules, made him coffee and sat down for 5 minutes to watch the news. Hung up the laundry... got dressed and left the house with Jules and made my way to Sainsbury's as I wanted to get a muffin tin. Did a bit of shopping and made my way home. Think it's time for a cup of tea... ONLY to find out that we were out of tea!!! Why they don't tell me when they use the last bag I never know!! Shoes back on, out the door and head to the shop near by to get tea.

BACK! Tea in hand I decided to do the simple thing of arranging the flowers I bought when I was out the first time. Thought I should start it easy first... and in a way I'm glad I did. I love pretty flowers!!!!

That done, I cleaned up the kitchen and made some muffins... OK I cheated here. I bought a ready mix muffin and all I had to do was add egg and milk... BUT OH NO!! This is when i needed the 'undo' button! My eyes must have crossed when I was looking at the measurement for milk and put in more than I should!! DAMN!!! DAMN!!! DAMN!!! Oh well... into the tin and into the oven... and let see what happens.

Dust... dust... dust... Wipe... wipe... wipe... Check muffins... Hmmmmmmmmmmmm... Wipe... wipe... wipe... Check muffins... Still not sure... Let's do the stick a toothpick in the muffin game! OK... seems fine... so out they come!

I just hope that when I do muffins from scratch, following a recipe of course, next time... it won't be as traumatising as this... Note to self : THE UNDO BUTTON IS NOT WORKING! FIND A WAY TO FIX IT!

Hoover... hoover... hoover... Mop... mop... mop... Bathroom next. Then ironing. Then folding and putting away the washing. Then doing the expenses... OK I've had enough now! Tomorrow I'm going back to work!

2 more hours and I'm heading to the bar! Preston v Leeds... I know... I know... why bother since it's not Newcastle... who incidently beat Chelsea over the weekend! HAH! Take that Jose (in my Portugese accent)! For tonight, I'm watching footie because Jules is a Leeds supporter and I'm the ever supporting girl.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Marble Cake

It was my birthday last week and since nobody got me a cake, I decided this week to bake my own cake! I've been reading Nina's blog ever since she started it for baby Milla (who has the most adorable hugest eyes ever!). I've known Nina since I first came to England and I've always loved each and every food she cooked for me, no matter how simple the dish is! Her 'telur masak kicap' (fried egg in soy sauce) was/is/and forever will be yummy!

Anyway, on her blog she mention her new passion on baking. She said how she used to be afraid of baking. For me, I was never really afraid. I bake loads of cookies but I never really had to bake cakes because mom bakes the yummiest cakes! The only cake I haven't tasted from mom is her fruit cake... apparently is so good that people actually order her fruit cakes by the tonnes (OK I exagerate... she is my mom! But she does take orders for Eid... let me know if you want some too). Sorry mom but I don't like raisins! I digress again! Back to what I wanted to say...
Nina mentioned this amazing website called the joy of baking... and I thought 'Let's give it a try'. So I looked for one of my favourite cakes on the site... as the title of this blog stated... Marble Cake. My first step, I bought a ready made cake from the shop! Well... I have to compare my creation with something! Then I bought all the ingredients the best that I could! Hmmmmmmmmm.... no cake flour in Tesco, Sainsbury's or ASDA (all big supermarkets in the UK). Three strikes... oh well, it must be the same as the sponge flour then, so that went into my basket!

With all the ingredients in front of me, I rolled up my sleeves and started! It wasn't easy as I don't have an electric mixer! Or maybe I should have invested in a gym subscription! Mix... mix... mix... into the cake tin... into the oven. 1 hour later... voila!

Not bad... even if I say so myself! Let's give it the 10 minutes test to see if the middle bit falls in. Wait... wait... wait... YEAH! I did it! One slice for Jules... one slice for me... and 2 cups of coffee. I love weekends...

p.s. I gave the ready made cake to Seb... he cycled home happy! *grin*