Sunday, October 15, 2006

I Have Moved...

The title says it all...

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Illustration Friday - Smitten

Unfortunately, I do not have a scanner to scan my drawing and this bad photo of my drawing will have to do for my Illustration Friday entry :-(

Sinking Ship

On Thursday I went for lunch with some of my ex-colleagues. I was surprised and very happy by the big turn out. Some couldn't make it but we made other plans to meet up.

We sat and chat. Everybody was talking about different things at the same time that I couldn't really keep up! It was a laugh and was really nice to see them again.

Sue even brought over her old photos!! Really old... there was one of her grandma in 1908!!

But the news of the day was T leaving the department!! Ooooooo... first me, then her. Wish we had more time to talk but it was the end of their lunch break and one by one they had to leave.

Yesterday, I received and e-mail from G telling me that the manager is leaving too! When I heard the news, I slapped my forehead thinking... if only I had stayed a little while longer maybe things will get OK again.

NO! I made my decision and I'll stick by it. I love that department, I get along really well with most of the people in the department... but as Sue said, I'm out of there. I need to look to the future.

I am a happier person now... so, it is a good thing. So, I'll forget about all of that, as I jumped off the ship first, or maybe it was a dare game... who dares to leave first!

Even though I'm out of there, I got to know really nice people whilst I was there and we are keeping in touch. I can't ask for anything more... and I don't want anything more...

Soon, I'll be planning my burger day with EZ... couldn't be happier *grin*

Thursday, October 12, 2006

A Novice

How a few minutes ago I felt like a novice in the kitchen!

I used the wok yesterday and usually I clean in straight away so I don't have to do a proper seasoning. But since I was lazy... a few minutes ago, I had to clean in thoroughly and season it properly... this is to stop it from rusting.

Since I've done it a million times, I didn't concentrate properly. My mind was elsewhere... and I usually use a kitchen towel to distribute the hot oil evenly around the wok... and I guess I was wiping it too hard and too fast! The hot oil jumped and landed between my thumb and my nail.

The pain went through my nerve system... from tip of my thumb... through my arm... all the way to my neck! I felt numb and pain at the same time! And, I felt stupid too for not paying attention when I'm handling hot oil!

I stood by the cold tap for a few minutes. Flesh keeps cooking for the next 15 minutes I was told in my First Aid class... so if you burn yourself, you should put the burn in cold water for at least 15 minutes to cool it down. But I got bored after two.

My thumb is still in pain... tomorrow there'll be a blister on my finger... but at least I have a rust free wok!!But I've decided that I will go and get a teflon coated wok. At least this will stop me from any further accidents.

Thursday Challenge - Glass

BBQ GlassHalf empty? Half full? Glasses in the pub

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Hide and Seek

This arrived today. parcelThis means I have to play 'hide the birthday present' or Jules will open it before his birthday!!

Do We Have to Have a Conversation??!!

We are using a cable service for our TV and internet. I've been using it for almost 2 years and never had any complaints. Jules loves it because on certain TV channels, he could pause it and do his business... like making tea for instance.

Last night we decided to watch Cracker on one of the free video channels. In the middle of it, Jules paused it... when he pressed play later, the TV got stuck!!!

Now, this never really pose any problems. All we had to do was switch off the set top box and switch it on again and everything would be fine again... only this time it didn't work!

I told him to heat his dinner up while I try to sort it out. Sometimes you do have to leave it for a while before switching it on. Minutes later... still a blank TV and the set top box will not stop blinking... meaning it was trying to find the service... and since it's blinking and trying to find the service... this meanst that the internet wasn't working either!!


And Jules needs the internet as he'll be working from home today. If the internet is not working... that means he has to go to work!

So he started to sulk.

I told him it would be OK. Just leave it for the night and we'll try again this morning... in the meantime we'll just have to find something else to do to entertain ourselves.

The last time this happened to us... which was at Jules' old place... we were horrified because it meant that we had to talk to each other!! Being in the internet generation, we don't talk!!! We have yahoo or MSN to chat to each other. If we need to have a conversation, as in talk to each other, we could catch each other on Skype.

Having a vocal face to face conversation is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo last century.

Luckily in our flat, Jules has the basement. He went down to tinker with his new hard drive and I could read in peace!!

He came up later still saying that it's weird being downstairs without the internet... and tried the set top box again! This time we got the logo!! YEAY!! But it just stuck to that and nothing else. Oh well... just have to see how it goes in the morning.

And, this morning, since I'm typing this... it means the internet is working, the TV service is on again, Jules could work from home and we won't be touching the set up box for the day as we don't want it to go kaput in the middle of the day!

Phew... conversation and quality time is so overrated. Thank goodness the internet is back!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Testing Testing

I was told that I will not be getting any help or favours from a particular person again. And if I was paranoid as this person, I would have crumbled without constant support...

The funny thing is, I wasn't even asking for help or favour...

Instead of dwelling on people's pettiness, these past few days, even before I was told that, I've been doing a lot of searching and testing.

Hopefully, this weekend, I put the test to working mode... so watch this space.

Moving on is great...

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Please Delete Me!

Since The Peong's been experimenting with Blogger Beta, I started to get curious. So today, I checked it out and hey... they have created label for Blogger Beta users. This means, if I chose to change over, I could create categories. Which I've been trying to do and hack on Blogger but to no avail!

With the labels, I could actually put things into 'art', 'photos', and 'di dapur yati' (in yati's kitchen). I got so excited so I started the move until I discovered that if I'm in a team... that is a contributor to another blog... I can't do the switch!


Months ago, KB invited me to be a contributor to her blog. I thought since she might need my help with setting up and stuff why not. But then just as it started, we had a fall out... and she never posted anything up her blog since that first time she post something up. I don't think she even looks at it anymore!

But I sure wish that she takes me off her team as I really like to do this switch to Blogger Beta.

Come on girl. You know the way that you always rush into things without thinking? This is the time that I'd really appreciate if you do it to me. Please take me off your team as I would really love to move on as you've deleted me everywhere else in your vacinity.

Friday, October 06, 2006

My Sister and I

My little sister asked if I had any recent photos of both of us together... the last time I was home was in November last year. It was my brother's wedding... so there must be a picture of my sister and me somewhere!

On somebody elses camera perhaps... but not on my camera.

There's a picture of me.
There's a picture of you.
There's a picture of me and Fatin... well... she's related and you could photoshop it and put your face on it... that sentence was for my sister.

I know that I do have a picture of you and me together on Jules' hard drive as it pops up as one of the pictures on the XBox screen saver. But I'm not sure that you'd like it as it was when I visited you at your school's hostel and we were mucking about at the back of mom's car with the camera.

But wait... I did find a picture of you and me when were at the aquarium!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Thursday Challenge - Shiny

Some of you might recognise this as I posted up a similar one on a different site on a different subject... But I can't resist to put it up when I saw the theme on Spun with Tears Thursday Challenge... it's not because I like the picture, I just love shiny things!!!

Killer Slugs.. Kill the Slugs

There were 3 chilli plants growing in a pot in my garden. I've left them outside for sun, fresh air and rain water. Last night it started to get a bit chilly, so I thought I'll bring them in today because I don't want them to die due to frost.

Woke up this morning... had my shower. Went to the back door as usual to say hello the my chilli plants and this was what I saw!! I was devastated! The slugs were hard at work last night!!

I brought them in anyway so that I could nurse them back to health! And my favourite out of the 3... the one in the middle had the worse of the slug attack!That's it! I'm pouring salt all over my garden! Die slugs!!! DIE!!!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Will A Sock Do?

It's Jules' birthday at the end of the month and for the past few weeks I've been wondering what I should get him for his birthday!! The things that he wants I really can't afford! Like... a campervan or in Impreza... or stuff for his music studio...

Tiny suggested socks... but socks are for Christmas! So, he suggested one sock now and one for Christmas. Tempted... but no!

But today, I've found something online that he might like. It's not cheap but it's not that expensive either! All I could hope for now is for it to arrive in 2 weeks time because we'll be away for a week after that... so there will be nobody to pick the parcel up!

I really, really, really hope that he'll like it. It's very practical... which boys like so, I can't really fail!

I can't say what I've got for him as he does read my blog once in a while... I guess you will have to wait until his birthday too to find out what I got for him!

Closed Account

Last night, I tried to log on to my old work e-mail. I was expecting an e-mail from an academic who is on leave cause I asked him a few questions. I was really concern about my little sister's lone trip next month.

To my surprise, my account has been closed.

I know how things work there and they don't close accounts that quickly. I know some people who has left for months, or even years, and is still checking their e-mails. Especially since there might be post for them and the 'work' e-mail account is the only way to contact them about their posts.

But I guess some people really want me out of there and really can't wait to erase my presence from the department... that's how I felt last Thursday, standing there invisible and the supervisor trying to chuck some of my things out. I was so angry, I had to walk out.

Oh well... I've created a new account where I'm going to send the address to the selected few. If you haven't got my new address... be patient. I'm doing my round slowly.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Global Shed

A few weeks ago, a bunch of global6 dj's decided to have a get together.

Just go to one of the dj's house and bring records and just play, one dj after another on the radio station until everyone drops.

And that's just what we did last Saturday. Global Shed was the decided venue.

My cold was starting and kicking in fast but no way will I let it stop me from going to the Global Shed and have a bit of fun and dance.

I've never been to the Global Shed. It's just a little shed in Tiny's mom's garden and I was well impressed!Global Shed1Jules, Tiny, Charsey, DB1, Crimbo and Seb (who is in the picture above) were mixing and playing the tunes out to the massive for 9 hours!Global Shed2It was just great. We boogied and chilled at the same time... And Seb tried to entertain us with his many silly trick, and one of his tricks....Seb Blowing a CondomBlowing a condom on his head... impressed? I wasn't :-p